What are some of the zero waste hand creams?

In this article, we mention some of the commercially available zero waste hand lotions. Furthermore, we discuss the concept of zero waste and why is it vital in this period.

What are some of the zero waste hand creams?

Mentioned below are some of the zero waste hand creams.

  • Plaine Products
  • Public Goods
  • Kate Mcleod
  • Fat and the Moon
  • Seed Phytonutrients
  • Plum Brilliance Body Butter
  • Moon Valley Organics Lotion Bar
  • Eu’genia
  • Prickly Pear

What is Zero Waste?

One of the most prominent concepts in the sustainability sector right now is “zero waste.” Zero-waste items are being sold everywhere, and their use is being promoted. 

On social media, there are a number of people who have growing audiences of people who are following them on their “zero waste journey.” 

These environmentally aware people have reduced their garbage to the point that all of it can fit into a single mason jar. The most dedicated zero wasters claim to produce less waste in a year than the majority of people produce in a single day. 

Zero-waste items are being sold everywhere, and their usage is being promoted in a number of ways.

While these are inspiring examples of what life can be like without the single-use plastics and packaging that encase the majority of what we consume, most people will find that living a zero-waste lifestyle is extremely difficult. 

The term “zero waste” can refer to a variety of lifestyles, all of which aim to reduce their environmental impact.

The primary tenet of the zero waste movement is to reduce or eliminate the amount of garbage that people produce that cannot be recycled, repurposed, or composted. 

Buying food from farmers markets to avoid plastic packaging, shopping at environmentally friendly establishments, and purchasing things that can be recycled at the end of their lives are all examples of this.

Our globe is grappling with a rising garbage crisis, and many of the things we use and consume are intended for ease and price, with little or no regard for their potential environmental effect.

How does zero waste work?

Many zero-waste goods employ materials that are more easily recycled than standard single-use items. Bamboo, recycled paper and cardboard are examples, as well as the use of reusable packaging to reduce waste. 

Zero waste also entails investing in higher-quality products that will last for years rather than purchasing low-cost, disposable items that will end up in the trash after a few uses.

It also entails being proactive in properly recycling everything and utilising tools such as composting, as well as selling or giving away clothing and household items so that they can be reused. 

Many items that end up in landfills could have been recycled or donated, but people discard them because they either don’t want to deal with them or don’t know how to properly dispose of them.

What are some of the zero waste hand creams?

Mentioned below are some of the zero waste hand creams.

  • Plaine Products
  • Public Goods
  • Kate Mcleod
  • Fat and the Moon
  • Seed Phytonutrients
  • Plum Brilliance Body Butter
  • Moon Valley Organics Lotion Bar
  • Eu’genia
  • Prickly Pear

We shall discuss these products and what makes them sustainable in more detail below.

Plaine Products

Plaine Products provides a fantastic refillable lotion that has received a lot of positive feedback. It’s a superlight, quick-working, and hydrating solution for those looking to limit their carbon footprint without sacrificing quality. 

There are three smells to choose from: unscented, rosemary, mint, and vanilla, and citrus and lavender, all of which are excellent. 

Palm oil, sulphates, and silicone are all absent from their products, which are also cruelty-free and vegan. 

They’re one of the most eco-friendly lotions on the market, and you can get them with or without the plastic pump.

Public Goods

Public Goods is a firm established in New Jersey that produces a variety of cheap products, including body lotion. 

It’s vegan-friendly and manufactured with a small number of ingredients that are kind on both your skin and the environment. 

Plus, instead of petroleum-based plastics, they have really clever packaging produced from sugar cane, which is a highly renewable resource and carbon neutral. 

It is suited for even the most delicate skin, especially youngsters, as a lightly perfumed and gender-neutral lotion.

Kate Mcleod

One of the preferred things to see with sustainable companies is a tiny size so that folks who are new to zero-waste living may inexpensively check out goods to find their favourites. 

Kate Mcleod is an excellent example of this. With their lovely bar lotion, they offer three distinct options: a beginning package with a canister, a refill, and a small. 

Their daily stone is described as having a “barely noticeable” aroma and is ideal for everyday usage. The bar lotion may appear scary to newcomers, but it is quite simple to apply; simply warm the bar with your hands before gliding it around your skin. It’s an excellent zero-waste lotion option.

Fat and the Moon

Fat and the Moon makes a fantastic zero-waste lotion, which is ideal for folks who are apprehensive of more “out there” bar goods. 

It’s a classic recipe that you apply to your skin by rubbing it in. It comes in completely plastic-free packaging and is produced by hand using ethically sourced ingredients, guaranteeing that it passes stringent sustainability requirements. 

All shipping components, including the glass container, are 100 percent recyclable and reused. Their products are versatile, which means they are mild enough for the face yet tough enough to hydrate even the driest portions of the body.

Seed Phytonutrients

Seed Phytonutrients is impossible to beat when it comes to corporate culture. They pay all of their organic farmers 100% of their costs upfront, regardless of yield, ensuring the enterprises’ long-term viability. 

The lotion comes in an aluminium bottle that may be recycled. Moreover, the lotion has a mild composition that immediately moisturises practically all skin types. 

The ingredients are all vegan-friendly, with a heavy emphasis on natural components.

Plum Brilliance Body Butter

Plum Brilliance’s goods, including their zero-waste lotion, are all artisan produced in small amounts to meet the highest ethical and environmental standards. 

Unlike many other lotions, which may include up to 50% water, the Plum Brilliance lotion is made entirely of oils, making it considerably more hydrating and with all natural components. 

It also means that the product may be utilised much more sparingly, extending its lifespan and lowering the amount of resources required for each product. 

The product is packed in a reusable glass jar that may be reused once it has been used.

Moon Valley Organics Lotion Bar

Moon Valley Organics is a must-try for anybody seeking a perfumed zero-waste lotion bar. 

They come in a variety of smells, including Lavender, Orange, and Coconut, and are quite mild on the skin, making them perfect for children and newborns. 

All of their items are certified cruelty-free, and the packaging is made completely of recycled cardboard from previous customers. 

These lotion bars were created to last twice as long as traditional lotions, making them a significantly more cost-effective option for all budgets.


Eu’Genia has a variety of multifunctional moisturising balms that may be used on the face, body, and even hair. 

The products are ideal for all skin types, including sensitive, blemished, aged, and dry skin, making them an excellent choice for the entire family. 

It’s truly multifunctional, since it may be used as a conditioner, make-up remover, make-up primer, or post-shave balm. If you’re searching for an all-in-one product, I believe this should be at the top of your list of things to try. 

The butter comes in a metal, reusable tin, and all you have to do to use it is extract a small quantity from the tin and use it wherever you need it. When it comes to money, a little goes a long way.

Prickly Pear

These lotion bars, like all of Prickly Pear’s products, are vegan and created with certified organic ingredients without the use of aroma oils. 

The lotion bars come in reusable metal tins, and refills are available ‘naked.’ The bar itself includes anti-aging, stress-relieving, and anti-inflammatory characteristics to help cure even the driest skin. 

The product is packaged as a bar to guarantee that it is water-free, save carbon emissions from transportation, and concentrate the substance so that it lasts far longer than traditional lotions.


We have covered some of the prominent zero waste hand lotion brands that help to ensure thzt none of the components end up in a landfill, thereby reducing the amount of waste generated by a significant level.


How can people get started with zero waste?

Many people believe that zero waste is an impossible aim. To reduce waste as much as possible, it’s frequently necessary to skip handy shopping choices such as ordinary grocery shops and online. 

Finding zero waste solutions for everything you consume in your everyday life also takes a tremendous deal of study and experimenting.

Rather than pursuing the immediate aim of eliminating all waste, it is preferable to take tiny steps in that direction. If you regularly use disposable razors, replace them with a long-lasting electric razor. 

Start carrying your goods in your own reusable bags if you regularly use plastic or paper bags at the shop. There are hundreds of internet resources full of waste-reduction solutions for every aspect of your life. 

You don’t have to start big, but tiny improvements in a variety of areas can add up to a significant reduction in your environmental effect.

Can online shopping be zero waste?

E-commerce is one sector where adopting a zero-waste mindset is extremely tough. 

It’s difficult to totally exclude non-recyclable or reusable packaging from all of your orders, and there are instances when you don’t have a choice about whether or not to purchase anything. 

E-commerce has exploded in the last year as individuals have been compelled to stay at home and buy online, resulting in a significant quantity of waste from the packing and boxes used to deliver items.

However, some companies are striving towards making online shopping a zero waste procedure. EcoCart is one of the prime examples.

What are the 5Rs associated with Zero Waste?

The 5 Rs of Zero Waste are:

  • Refuse what you don’t require (single-use plastic, plastic grocery bags, non biodegradable trash bags, plastic razors, coffee cups etc.)
  • Reduce what you do require (stop buying new clothing, reduce how frequently you do laundry, and don’t constantly update to the latest smartphone).
  • Reuse items by purchasing them secondhand or reworking them.
  • Only recycle what can’t be eradicated by the first three.
  • Rot the rest.


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