Where can CDs be recycled in NYC? (7 reuses)

The article will explain where can CDs be recycled in NYC while also shedding light on

  • Where can CDs be recycled in NYC?
  • What are some remote recycling options?
  • Can you throw CDs in waste bins or recycling bins?
  • Can you discard old CDs?
  • How can you reuse old CDs?
  • What are some repurposes of old CDs?

Where can CDs be recycled in NYC?

It is possible to recycle CDs in many places including NYC. When it comes to recycling CDs in NYC, there are various options or places such as 

  • Royal Waste Services
  • 4TH BIN
  • NYC Recycles
  • New York Recycling 
  • Sims Municipal Recycling 

These are some of the places that you can depend on for recycling old and unused CDs. However, it is advised to call these centres and confirm if they accept recycling old CDs 

What are other remote options?

Other than that, there are also mail-in recycling options such as 

You do not need to go anywhere. All you need to do is to mail them the unused CDs that you originally planned to discard and they will take care of the rest. 

Is it okay to discard CDs in recycling bins in NYC?

No, it is not advised to discard CDs in the recycling bins because of the following reasons: 

  • Not all recycling centres will accept recycled CDs
  • CDs may get broken and can damage the recycling machinery or the workers
  • CDs may be toxic because of the presence of materials such as BPA, plastics, and metals

Can you discard old CDs?

This question is very much analogous to what is the need for recycling old CDs when you can simply discard them in your dustbins as regular trash. This one seems to be an easy option so why not save time and energy?

Well, the simple answer is that it is not advised to discard CDs as regular trash because of their degradative effects on health and the environment. 

CDs are made from non-biodegradable materials such as metals and plastics. This leads us to the fact that if CDs are discarded as regular trash, they can remain there for thousands of years. 

This will create problems such as waste accumulation and pollution. However, the effects are not just limited to the environment. Humans and animals may be impacted too as CDs may contain BPA which is a hormone disruptor and can relate negatively to the environment. 

If the used CDs are incinerated, it will also be bad for the environment as there will be the release of harmful gases and fumes such as dioxins and sulphur dioxide that will be bad for the environment. 

How can you reuse old CDs?

You may be wondering if CDs can not be discarded in regular trash cans. So, what should I do to get away with them since I cannot keep them forever? 

Yes, you are not needed to keep your CDs with you forever because as a matter of fact, the usage of CDs has declined a lot. Global trends are rapidly changing towards online platforms such as Spotify, YouTube or Soundcloud. 

With these burgeoning trends, it does not make sense to use CDs since CDs are rather obsolete. CDs are not only bad for the environment but also bad for the pocket as well. 

Therefore, let us explore some ways to get away with your old CDs

Donate your old CDs

It is possible to donate your old CDs because the use of CDs is not as obsolete as you think it is. This is also backed up by research. 

As per studies, the number of CDs sold in the US alone was more than 47 million. These figures are assertive enough that there are many old-school people that would love to have the CD that you are planning to throw away. 

All you need to do is to reach out to the right people with the right approach so that your CD may be reused in a good way and with almost no environmental impact, carbon footprint, and definitely no waste. 

Reuse CDs (7 reuses)

The use of CDs should not be limited or adhered to by the media. If you think that your CD is of no use, you can still use it in a number of creative ways that will not only tap your creative capacities but will also help in restoring the environment. 

Therefore, let us explore some of the ways to reuse CDs in creative and innovative ways:

  • Using CDs for drawing circles
  • Using CDs as coasters
  • Using CDs to make creative and artistic bowls 
  • Using CDs for arts and crafts
  • Using CDs to increase an aesthetic sense of your living room 
  • Using CDs as holiday ornaments 
  • Using CDs as spinning tops

Owing to the shiny and reflective nature of CDs, there are many creative ways in which CDs can be reused and repurposed. It will also benefit you since you would also not need to buy any new material. 

Often it is argued that CDs are safe to reuse. The answer is yes. As long as the chemistry of CDs remains intact, there will be no degradative effects on the environment and people. 

The problem starts when CDs are either thrown away recklessly or burned. Burning CDs is also not a good idea since it can pollute the environment and cause medical complications. 


It is concluded that CDs can be recycled in NYC in either recycling centres or by mail-in options available. 

The article also discusses ways to reuse old CDs so that the disposal of regular trash may be intimidated. The article developed on why CDs can be treated as regular trash and therefore, what green practices are available as alternatives. 


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