Where are the recycling centres located in Belfast? (7 steps to recycle in Belfast) 

The article will explain how to recycle in Belfast, UK. other associated aspects that will be shed light on will be 

  • Where are the recycling centres located in Belfast?
  • How can recycling be done?
  • Is recycling the best disposal method?
  • How to compost and when to compost?
  • What are some points to consider when it comes to waste disposal in Belfast?

Where are the recycling centres in Belfast?

Let us delve into the locations of recycling centres present in Belfast, UK. It is claimed that there are four recycling centres that are based in locations given below 

  • Alexandra Park Avenue
  • Blackstaff Way
  • Ormeau
  • Palmerston Road

How to recycle in Belfast? (7 steps) 

When it comes to recycling, there are simple steps that you can follow to make sure that effective, hassle-free, and eco-positive recycling is done. 

  • The first step is to identify the recyclable waste. 
  • It is essential to make sure that the waste is segregated. Different wastes are most likely recycled differently. Therefore, if you mix up waste, it will either lead to machine damage or recycling mismanagement. 
  • You also need to ensure that the waste is not damaged or contaminated in any way because it can render the machines faulty and can also put the health of workers at risk 
  • As stated, there are four recycling centres that are present in Belfast. You are required to carry the recyclable waste to your closest centre. 
  • It is also established that not all waste can be recycled. When it comes to recycling, the options are fairly limited because of the technology limitations. Therefore, it is essential to know which waste can be recycled in Belfast and which not. For that, consider the following website
  • If you are still uncertain or dubious, you may contact these locations and ask them about the acceptability. 
  • If for say, your waste is not accepted for recycling, you can turn towards private ventures such as TerraCycle. However, you may be required to pay a bit for the recycling or postage services. 

Is recycling free of cost?

Yes, the recycling that is offered in the given locations based in Belfast claims to charge nothing. This is done to encourage recycling because recycling is a green way to tackle waste issues. 

It is claimed that recycling is one of the best ways to deal with non-biodegradable waste such as plastics or metals. If these materials are not recycled, then they may remain in landfills for thousands of years. 

Is recycling the best disposal method?

The answer varies on the type of waste. If the waste is non-biodegradable, then recycling is indeed the best disposal method because when non-biodegradable waste is recycled, this means the waste will not become a part of landfills. 

Also, non-biodegradable waste sources are from petrochemicals and other forms of non-renewable resources. When such waste is recycled, the dependency on non-renewable resources is limited and therefore, the alleviation of environmental anomalies such as pollution or climate change is featured. 

However, when it comes to the case of biodegradable waste, then recycling is not the only thing you could do. Another disposal option that may exist for biodegradable waste is composting.

Composting of biodegradable waste 

Composting can be explained as the process in which biodegradable and organic waste is converted to natural fertilisers. 

This has a lot of benefits to the environment such as

  • Decreased use of chemical fertilisers
  • Better waste management 
  • Increased yield 
  • Increased water retention and therefore water conservation 
  • Boosted productivity of plants and fields

The overall idea behind composting is to increase the organic content of the soil to make sure that the given benefits are obtained. 

Therefore, it is essential to ensure that only biodegradable and organic waste is added to the compost pile. If not, there will be more harm than good. 

How to do composting?

When it comes to the practice of composting, there are two main options that a person can rely on. These include 

  • Composting in the composting centres
  • Composting at home 

One rather convenient way is to compost in the composting centres. You do not have to do much about it. 

All you need to do is to identify the compostable waste and transport it to the nearby composting centres. One of these centres in Belfast is Natural World Products

However, if you feel a bit more creative, there is another option for you as well. Composting can also be done at home. All you need to do is to follow the steps and voila!

It is fun as well and brings you one step closer to nature and being eco-friendly as well. It is for this reason that many educational and social institutes have community-based composting centres to develop and further the culture of home composting. 

Composting at home can be done by the following steps 

  • Find a suitable location in your home that is distant from your indoors but decently accessible 
  • You can compost either openly (compost piles) or in a compost bin. Both are fine. 
  • To initiate the process, make a heap made from compostable material 
  • Make sure to place the heap in a cool and dry place. Be sure to continuously and regularly mix it. 
  • Make sure that there is a decent ratio of brown and green matter. The brown matter will be the source of carbon whereas the green matter will be the source of nitrogen. Many suggest making the ratio 4:1. 
  • Wait and let external conditions and microbes do the work 

What are some points to consider when disposing of waste in Belfast?

  • There are three types of bins. These are red-coloured (for hazardous waste), green-coloured (for recyclable waste), and blue-coloured (for biodegradable waste). 
  • You must discard waste accordingly to ensure that no waste management issues arise. 
  • It is better to prefer recycling or composting than discarding in regular trash cans as the waste will end up in landfills. 
  • For the waste that can not be recycled or composted, it is best to wrap it up and discard it in the regular trash. 
  • Before disposal, it is essential to make sure that the waste is used to its full capacity. Do not be shy of reusing your materials or donating them. 


The article discussed recycling in Belfast and also explained the steps and locations for waste recycling. The importance of recycling was also developed. 

Other than recycling, composting and steps to composting were also given. Various tips and actionable advice were also given regarding waste disposal. 


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