Are Cigarette filters made from 98% plastic? (3 reuses of cigarette filters)

This article will explain what cigarette filters are made of and what their environmental impact is. Other covered topics would be:  What is the biodegradability status of cigarette filters? Are cigarette filters recyclable? How can cigarette filters be reused? FAQs Are Cigarettes filters made from 98% plastic? Yes, cigarette filters are made from 95-98% plastic … Read more

5 Examples of Sustainable living

Sustainable living is the conscious practice of making greener, more eco-friendly changes to your lifestyle, and adapting your way of life to consume less of Earth’s non-renewable resources.  Sustainable living is a growing movement among environmentally aware people who want to do what they can to minimize climate change and pollution.  There isn’t a clear-cut … Read more

What are the Benefits of Water Conservation?

Water conservation is the conscious effort to save water by limiting water waste. Water is a precious resource, and contrary to the myth of the water cycle renewing water as fast we consume it, we are running out of drinkable, usable water.  According to the US Bureau of Reclamation, only 0.5% of the world’s water … Read more

7 sustainable alternatives to urban outfitters

In this article, we discuss some of the sustainable alternatives to urban outfitters, and what aspects of urban outfitters makes them less sustainable. What are some of the sustainable alternatives to urban outfitters? Here are some sustainable alternatives from across the globe that will be just as edgy, fun, and hip, and, most importantly, considerably … Read more