How to dispose of your mattress in Boulder, Colorado?

In this article, we discuss the various ways one can use if they live in Boulder, Colorado, and wish to get rid of their old mattress.

How to dispose of your mattress in Boulder, Colorado?

You can use the following ways to get rid of your old mattress if you live in Boulder, Colorado:

  • Drop it Off at Spring Back Colorado
  • Get it Picked up by Mattress Disposal Plus
  • Donate Your Mattress
  • Call General Services Corporation
  • Repurpose it

Why should you get rid of old mattresses

There are many reasons that come to mind when one is deliberating over getting rid of their old mattresses. Some of the most compelling reasons for doing so are:

  • Your mattress affects your sleep quality.
  • Sleep Patterns
  • Your mattress may be causing back pain.
  • Mattress allergies and germs can pile up.

We discuss these issues in more detail.

Your mattress affects your sleep quality

If you’re wondering whether or not your mattress has an impact on your sleep quality, the answer is yes!

Quality sleep is one of the most crucial aspects of life. People are not getting enough sleep, according to research after study. This was a challenge that our forefathers and mothers seldom faced.

The development of the light bulb, on the other hand, altered everything, including our work-sleep cycles. Sleep deprivation has been shown to lower attentiveness, impair immune system function, cause weight gain, and possibly raise the chance of dementia. 

We regard sleep as if it were a choice. However, the importance of sleep cannot be overstated. Sleep deprivation may lead to a loss of health and happiness.

Given that you spend up to a third of your life sleeping, choosing a cheap or outdated mattress is just not an option. This is not an area of your life where you should cut shortcuts; instead, conduct extensive study before purchasing a new mattress. 

A good mattress might help you sleep for longer periods of time. Simply knowing this will enhance your health and life in general.

Researchers at Oklahoma State University offered 59 study participants a new bed to replace their old one in a 2006 study. The average age of the participants’ old beds was 9.5 years.

The subjects began to sleep better when their bed was changed, according to the researchers. In fact, the older the previous mattress, the more significant the improvements in sleep they experienced after receiving their new mattress.

Sleep Patterns

Experts agree that our society’s new sleep pattern is having an adverse effect on our health. According to them, you should only retain a mattress for ten years on average.

You may believe you can obtain greater value for your money in ten years, but remember that you sleep on a mattress every night of your life. Three thousand and sixty-five nights are equal to ten years.

Consider all of the extra hours you’ve spent watching TV, resting, or reading. We put a lot of stress on our mattresses. 

Additional considerations to consider are whether you sleep with a partner or alone, your weight, and how often you rotate your mattress.

Your mattress may be causing back pain.

Your body can replenish and mend itself while you sleep. It will take longer for your everyday aches and pains to recover if your mattress is actually a torment to sleep on. Worse, an uncomfortable mattress might be the root of numerous problems.

Some people experience less back pain while on a vacation. They may have put it up to being on vacation, but the truth is that it may be the superior hotel bed. 

Many hotels have begun to provide high-quality beds in order to make guests’ stays more comfortable. It might be a clue that it’s time to say farewell to your home bed if you feel better after sleeping on a hotel bed.

Throughout the day, your back, like your bed, has a lot of work to perform. A comfortable mattress allows you to give it, as well as your entire body, a well-deserved rest.

If you’re waking up with more pains and back discomfort than you did at the end of the day, it’s time to upgrade your mattress. Back discomfort will surely result from a bed that does not give adequate support.

Mattress allergies and germs can pile up.

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t clean your bed on a regular basis. The majority of individuals are unaware that they can clean their beds. If you have pets or dine in bed, your bed is likely to be contaminated with bacteria and germs.

After you’ve gotten rid of your old mattress, you might want to consider investing in a removable and washable mattress protector. 

A new mattress combined with a mattress cover can help minimise allergies and keep dust mites, bugs, and germs out of your mattress.

How to dispose of your mattress in Boulder, Colorado?

You can use the following ways to get rid of your old mattress if you live in Boulder, Colorado:

  • Drop it Off at Spring Back Colorado
  • Get it Picked up by Mattress Disposal Plus
  • Donate Your Mattress
  • Call General Services Corporation
  • Repurpose it

We shall discuss these methods in more detail below.

Drop it Off at Spring Back Colorado

Within the Denver and Colorado Springs areas, Spring Back Colorado is a specialty recycling plant that specialises in recycling mattresses as well as box springs. 

Over 90% of each mattress are broken down into its constituent pieces and materials (such as steel, foam, ticking, cotton, and wood) and recycled or repurposed through their recycling process.

Not only that, but Spring Back Colorado focuses on hiring people who face a variety of job challenges, helping individuals to re-establish oneself financially as well as socially.

Your mattresses and/or box springs can be dropped off for free at either Denver or Colorado Springs location. In the Boulder County region, a pickup will cost between $45 and $55.

However, that means you can skip the hassle of loading your mattress and box spring on or in a truck and driving it down to Denver.

Get it Picked up by Mattress Disposal Plus

Mattress Disposal Plus is also another regional mattress recycling company that will come to your house or apartment and remove your mattress. 

Although this option is more expensive (about $97), you can be confident knowing your mattress will always be picked up within 24 hours and that every element of it will be recycled appropriately.

Mattresses include important recyclable material, such as box springs and foam, that may be recycled in a variety of ways, such as carpets and apparel. 

Mattress Disposal Plus also collects and recycles big objects like dressers, treadmills, and box springs, as the “plus” in the name suggests.

Donate Your Mattress

Try giving your mattress to a local charity or business that accepts mattress donations if it’s still in excellent shape. Some firms will take up your mattress for free, and donating your mattress may qualify you for a tax benefit.

You may give your mattress to the following organisations:

  • Salvation Army
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Goodwill
  • Catholic Charities
  • Furniture Bank Association of America (applicable for residents of the USA).
  • Donation Town

Another possibility is to contact local companies. To determine whether an old mattress is needed in your region, contact hotels, hospitals, universities, thrift stores, or homeless shelters. 

You may always inquire where they recycle their mattresses if they don’t need one; they might be able to guide you in the appropriate path.

Call General Services Corporation

If your mattress isn’t acceptable for donation or even recycling—for example, if it’s filthy, damp, or bed-bug infested—you may have little choice but to let it go.

The garbage removal service provided by General Services Corporation is for one-time rubbish removal of particular things or the whole contents of your home or estate. 

They’ve been assisting Boulder County homeowners with huge unwanted goods like old mattresses and box springs for over 30 years.

They will come to your home and remove your mattress or box spring, ensuring that they are properly disposed of.

They also accept other things like construction materials, dirt, and concrete, carpet, furniture, and appliances, yard debris and firewood, large and small home items, boxes, books, and gadgets such as laptops while they are there. 

Anything else you can think of (as long as it’s not dangerous). General Services Corporation is located in Boulder County and offers a rapid turnaround time so you can get rid of your old mattress quickly, easily, and affordably.

Repurpose it

Break down the mattress and box springs yourself if you enjoy DIY projects. Steel, polyurethane foam, memory foam, latex foam, natural fibres, wooden pieces, nails, screws, and other elements are all found in mattresses.

You can use the materials for a variety of purposes including:

  • Recycling the parts
  • Home projects
  • Gardening
  • Arts and crafts
  • Decoration

You could be interested in the buttons or fabric from the mattress if you’re a sewer or seamstress. You may use the filling to make new cushions or even restore furniture. 

If you’re a carpenter, the wood from the frame might be used in your next project or even in your next campfire. Even the metal springs may be utilised to make wine bottle holders or whatever else you can think of.


There are various reasons that come to mind when it comes to getting rid of a mattress. A bad mattress affects your sleep quality and your sleep cycle, cause back pain, and can contain substances and microorganisms that can cause allergies or infections.

There are various ways to dispose of an old mattress. These options include recycling it as a whole or by parts, donating it to the needy or organisations that help the needy, reselling or giving it away, repurposing the various parts of the mattress, or, if none of these options exist, safely disposing away the mattress.


What happens to a mattress after 10 years?

The typical mattress will double in weight in ten years as a result of being loaded with dead dust mites and their waste, according to one alarming figure. These kinds of facts can make even the most doubtful customer reach for the dust mop.

How do I know if my mattress is bad?

The following signs indicate that your current mattress may be bad for your health

  • You’re Waking Up Tired
  • You Can’t Seem to Fall Asleep 
  • You’ve Got the Sniffles
  • You’ve Been Sleeping on the Same Mattress for Over 10 Years
  • You’re Experiencing Aches and Pains
  • Your Mattress Looks and Feels Uneven
  • You’re Hearing Creaks and Squeaks

Some of these can be caused due to other factors, which include diet, lifestyle, frequency of exercising, and so on.


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