Is lush glitter biodegradable?

This blog post will answer the question, “Is lush glitter biodegradable” and cover topics like the biodegradability of lush glitter and frequently asked questions related to the topic.

Is lush glitter biodegradable?

Yes, lush glitter is biodegradable. Lush glitter is biodegradable because it does not use plastic. 

Does Lush Make Use of Eco-friendly Glitter?

Yes. Eco-friendly glitter composed of natural materials is used by Lush. However, the goods could include certain toxic synthetics like SLS, perfumes, and paraffin that are not entirely organic.

On their website, “safe synthetic” items are those that are dyed black. On the other hand, if it is green, it is typically organic and organically generated.

However, Lush glitters serve as an alternative to plastic glitters. They’re;

  • Natural-based
  • Biodegradable
  • Cosmetic quality
  • Vegan

Lush glitter: Is it biodegradable?

Gorgeous glitter degrades naturally. My favorite vibrant bath bombs don’t include any plastic glitter. On its products, Lush utilizes mineral and synthetic mica shimmer. Lush doesn’t utilize packaging as one method of lowering its carbon impact.

The packing peanuts used to convey goods and wrap presents are made from natural vegetable starch, which makes them quickly biodegrade when exposed to air.

The glitter bath bombs from Lush are also secure. Glitter supplies the sodium bicarbonate found in our kitchens since it doesn’t contain microplastic.

Every hand-pressed bath bomb made by Lush also includes additional ingredients like cocoa butter and sea salt. Consider edible glitter. Can it be biodegraded? It is more biodegradable, indeed.

However, edible glitters disintegrate quickly. It gives ornaments a limited lifetime since they will dissolve in jelly. Make careful to keep it out of fluids.

Lush Glitter: Is it Plastic?

Lush glitter is not made of plastic. The glitter is created with;

  • Minerals and mica substitutes
  • Starch and seaweed

Lush products, which give sparkle to shower gels & bath bombs using synthetic fluorphlogopite, let you enjoy your bath without risk.

Lash glitters non-toxic won’t in any way harm marine life since it biodegrades. Lush cosmetics fit the same description. They won’t harm the environment in any way.

Natural resources are used to make mica. Therefore, it is a synthetic substance that imitates the shimmering appearance of genuine mica.

Lush glitter: Is it safe to use?

It is not harmful. All Lush products—99 percent of them—use natural starches, minerals, synthetic mica, & colorings that are safe for consumption.

All of the glitters that are present in your bathroom and nearby rivers are safe for the environment. Whether it is made of natural or synthetic mica, chemical processing contributes to its safety for usage.

Cosmetic rules regulate everything, including the sort of pigments to be used, their proportion, and other factors. Glitter isn’t deadly, people. If you accidentally mixed non-toxic glitter into your meal, don’t freak out.

Don’t consume it, even if it may not be fatal.

Does Lush Glitter Contain Mica?

No. Lush affirms that when the natural mica-containing stock is gone, all of the company’s goods will be free of all natural mica. The corporation began using synthetic mica in place of all components containing mica a few years ago.

Gabbi demonstrates why using synthetic mica is a more moral and advantageous choice. Because of this, Lush decided to stop using natural mica.

The Best Glitter for the Environment

A few best eco-friendly glitters are listed below;

I will now elaborate on these.

Eco-glitter fun

Eco Glitter Fun sells “guilt-free sparkles,” contributes to Plastic Oceans UK (among other causes), and ships its goods to all countries without using plastic packaging.

In addition to art kits, seasonal packs, and even a monthly glitter subscription service, Eco Glitter Fun provides glitter in over 50 different hues and mixes. To satisfy your sparkle fixation, they also sell jewelry and brushes for applying glitter, among other things.

A useful guide on identifying bogus BioGlitter is also provided by Eco Glitter Fun. The genuine substance doesn’t come in stars, hearts, or any other forms; it only comes in the tiny hexagonal shape. While plastic glitter melts, it also burns like paper, so you shouldn’t do this at home.


The goal of this biodegradable glitter business is to raise awareness of the dangers of microplastics to the environment while also spreading the pleasure and happiness of glitter.

The Blue Patch Sustainable Business Award, which honors up-and-coming companies with outstanding social consciences and donates any extra monies to environmental and conservation programs, was given to this fledgling company.

You may choose from a variety of accessories, sparkling bath treatments, and BioGlitter items in both single and blended colors.

EcoStardust not only sells an ethical product but also abides by its principles, dedicating itself to environmental cleanup via beach clean-ups and creating eco-bricks from its plastic trash.

The “non-bio glitter amnesty” offered by this ethical glitter company is another fantastic feature. If you have traditional plastic glitter lying around that you don’t know what to do with or how to dispose of, you can send it in for them to upcycle into something new & receive a 15% discount on your subsequent BioGlitter order.

Additionally, you may purchase the jewelry they produce with non-bio glitter!

Wild Glitter 

Wild Glitter is a small, independent business with headquarters in North Cornwall, England. It was established as a result of personal exposure to the catastrophe of plastic pollution. The Cornish coast, which has Atlantic Ocean shorelines, is often covered with ocean plastic.

Orders from Wild Glitter are packed in adorable resealable tins and have a great selection of reasonably priced alternatives, including single pots of rainbow glitter. 

Additionally, they provide multipacks in both small and big pots, ranging from little 3-pot packs to the whole selection. You may even create a pick-and-mix multipack to precisely meet your requirements. This little company delivers in recyclable containers all over the globe.

Today Glitter

Today Glitter is the only US business with a license to sell BioGlitter. It also offers a variety of BioGlitter products in recyclable glass bottles with cork stoppers.

You can either explore their selection at random or use their “shop the look” feature to browse gorgeous glitter makeup designs and purchase the appropriate sparkles for the task.

Along with offering the one-of-a-kind shop the look feature, Today Glitter is a company that is sincerely dedicated to the cause of eco-friendly glitter, writing blog posts about the problem of microplastics and providing tonnes of details about the BioGlitter industry and the impact of conventional glitter on the environment.

Additionally, they offer a fantastic collection of articles on creative, entertaining ways to utilize BioGlitter, such as kid-friendly arts and crafts projects.


In the UK, Glamavan debuted in 2012 as a mobile beauty parlor with makeup artists. Their glitter makeup service has consistently been their most popular offering, and they exclusively utilize BioGlitter to do it.

In addition to providing beauty salon services, Glamavan also offers BioGlitter, including gift packages, single-color pots for individual use, and even beautiful eco-friendly glittering reindeer chow as a unique holiday treat.

This independent company offers a special line of goods called “optimism craft kits,” which include glitter and may be used to create lovely cards and postcards that convey positivity.

Their glitter gel and almost all of their other items are vegan and cruelty-free. Reusable metal pots for the glitter are included in their packaging, which also includes recyclable cardboard with cellophane inside. Additionally, a refill service will be made available shortly!

Moon Shatter 

Each blend is custom-made in Toronto by a group of cosmetic professionals to guarantee maximum glitter and a lovely appearance.

From the modest Gilded Rose mixture to the attention-grabbing Blue Lagoon, Moon Shatter provides a hand-picked assortment of exquisite mixes for any occasion.

Moon Shatter supplies long-lasting cosmetic grade binding gel in addition to the glitter mixes itself so you may create amazing glitter-based ensembles for events and festivals. They also provide guidance on how to apply glitter to hair and skin effectively for the most effects.

Additionally, Moon Shatter has a loyalty program where you can accumulate Sparkle Points to use as discounts and a $5 off promotion for referring friends.

Each mix or kit is also sent in glass containers, which may be recycled, filled with more Moon Shatter Glitter, or utilized for another purpose after being empty.


Glitterazzi was established by a cosmetics artist who recognized there must be a sustainable glittering alternative to washing particles of plastic into the water system and coined the snappy tagline “glitter should never be litter.”

Glitterazzi offers some incredible BioGlitter mixes, single-color pots, and the mythology collection, which includes six opalescent blends named after mythological animals.

Additionally, you may get Glitterazzi shimmer balms, which are lusciously scented sparkly body balms that make your skin shine, or you can purchase the opulent liquid shimmer, a product that is exclusive to this company. 

This tuberose-scented coconut oil body lotion includes extremely fine gold or silver glitter to give your skin a shimmering gloss.

Glitterazzi takes care to recover discarded packaging before relying only on their own. This implies that your item may arrive in an unexpected box or wrapped in recycled bubble wrap. This is a fantastic method of reducing waste.

The Good Glitter

The Good Glitter is an independent company with headquarters in the USA that is handled by a busy mother of two and is a prime example of how one person can have a significant influence.

This company was started by a former soap maker who has a passion for glitter, a side interest in raising caterpillars, and a strong desire to provide lasting shine to people’s lives.

Bulk orders, application equipment (such as shakers), seasonal glitter mixes, variety packs, single-color pots, and cosmetic alternatives are just a few of the things available from The Good Glitter.

Their “no waste glitter” combination is one adorable, distinctive item. Spillage is unavoidable while fulfilling hundreds of orders, but the glitter that is spilled is not wasted; instead, it is utilized to create a unique, kaleidoscopic combination of multicolored glitter.

Each metal and plastic glitter container is refillable, and orders are delivered in biodegradable, recycled, or reusable containers. Additionally, The Good Glitter encourages you to return your empty containers back for reuse when you’ve finished using them.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs), “Is lush glitter biodegradable?”

How long does biodegradable glitter take to break down?

4 weeks

How long does it take for it to decompose? Degradation typically takes 4 weeks. However, the degrading process varies and is influenced by the environment and the size. Clean water is not where our glitter degrades; microbes are needed to start the process.

Are bath bombs with glitter safe?

Lush products, which give sparkle to shower gels & bath bombs using synthetic fluorphlogopite, let you enjoy your bath without risk. 

Lash glitters non-toxic won’t in any way harm marine life since it biodegrades. Lush cosmetics fit the same description. They won’t harm the environment in any way.

How can I tell whether my glitter degrades naturally?

There is no way to be certain.

The glitter would need to be taken, submerged in some water containing microorganisms (i.e., not freshwater), left exposed to the air, and let to sit for at least a few weeks. By adding sun or periodically shaking the container, you might hasten the process.

Which glitter degrades naturally?

Bio glitter

A special kind of glitter called bio glitter is made from regenerated eucalyptus cellulose that comes from plants. It is the only glitter that has been shown to biodegrade into harmless particles when exposed to the environment.


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