Is LA’s totally awesome cleaner biodegradable? (5 disposal practices) 

This article covers important aspects related to LA’s totally awesome cleaner and addresses the following questions:

  • Is LA’s totally awesome cleaner biodegradable?
  • Are the ingredients natural?
  • What is the impact of the product on aquatic life?
  • How to properly dispose of LA’s totally awesome cleaner?
  • Is the packaging recyclable?
  • Is it a green product?
  • Are there any greener alternatives

Is LA’s totally awesome cleaner biodegradable?

The plain answer is NO, LA’s totally awesome cleaner is not biodegradable. The manufacturers claim that the cleaner is biodegradable on its website and online shopping sites but this can be misleading because all of these websites have just labeled the product as “biodegradable” or “readily degradable” without providing sufficient details of the ingredients used.

The reality is revealed when we take a closer look at the material safety data sheet (MSDS). MSDS is data that a manufacturer provides when applying for registration of their product and this data has to be made public so that the public might be fully aware of what they are dealing with and what to do in case anything bad happens while using the product. 

Manufacturers cannot lie about their products in this data sheet because of fear of litigation and heavy fines if the data is proven wrong which can ultimately lead to the cancellation of licenses and other charges, even criminal proceedings. 

MSDS of LA’s totally awesome cleaner does not talk about its biodegradability. In fact, it mentions that the product is toxic to aquatic life and should not be discarded in sewers or water bodies directly without first going through a treatment facility. This fact is inconsistent with the claim made on its website that the product is non-toxic and biodegradable.

Are the ingredients natural?

Again, NO. The manufacturer does not provide the complete list of ingredients saying that the ingredient details are kept as trade secrets and cannot be shared but at the same time they claim that they are made with natural products.

As consumers, we should remember one thumb rule about natural things, they are biodegradable. MSDS of LA’s totally awesome cleaner says that the product is “Readily degradable”, the question is: in which solution? 

Companies that have biodegradable products do mention that their products are “Biodegradable”. “Readily degradable” is actually a legal trick. It means that if someone puts a claim on the manufacturer that the product is not degrading in nature they might say that it does not say “in nature” it might mean in special degrading formulas available in treatment facilities.

This is where it goes wrong with the ingredients and the product itself. Claims made on websites are often to fool the public about the biodegradability of their products and are not often true the truth is often revealed in the MSDS of the product but then again one has to understand and carefully see what the manufacturer is trying to do. 

What is the impact of the product on aquatic life?

As discussed earlier, the website claims that the product is non-toxic but does not mention the case in which their product is non-toxic to confuse the public. It is common sense that the product will ultimately end up in waterways one way or the other but the company can’t tell you that for obvious reasons.

The safety data sheet does not specifically name the ingredient that is toxic probably due to the fact that most ingredients have been kept as trade secrets but one thing’s for sure the product as a whole is toxic to aquatic life and should be directly disposed into waterways, instead should be sent to proper treatment facilities.

How to properly dispose of LA’s totally awesome cleaner? (5 disposal practices) 

The proper way to dispose of LA’s totally awesome cleaner is to follow the data provided in MSDS. MSDS of LA’s totally awesome cleaner says the following: “Product considered toxic to aquatic life. 

Waste from normal product use may be disposed of in an EPA Permitted Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) in compliance with applicable Federal / Provincial / State / Local / Municipal pretreatment requirements or a qualified Septic system” pg 7 of 9 of MSDS. 

It simply means that LA’s totally awesome cleaner must be used in accordance with the following guidelines provided:

  • Do not dispose of the product directly in sewers which do not lead to treatment facilities.
  • Do not use the product near open rivers, lakes etc. 
  • Always send the residual products directly to treatment facilities.
  • The packaging may contain residues which may be toxic so the packaging must also be sent to treatment facilities. 
  • Do not trash the waste in open dumps 

Is the packaging recyclable?

No, the company does not claim that its packaging is recyclable and this is true as the bottles also do not have any markers indicating that they are recyclable which means that the only way their harm can be reduced is to send them to a waste management site which may incinerate the packaging.

The company uses non-recyclable plastic which means that the product is used only once and the packaging now cannot be recycled further but it is good that the company manufactures spray bottles which can be refilled. 

Customers should also take care and try to refill old bottles rather than buy new ones or best find a cleaner that is environmentally friendly and has recyclable bottles.

Is it a green product?

After all of the discussion above, it can safely be said that No, LA’s totally awesome cleaner is not a green product. In order for a product to be labeled “green” it has to go through certain criteria, a few things are listed below:

  • The product should contain biodegradable ingredients.
  • The product should not be made using non-renewable energy sources.
  • The product should not have a high indirect carbon footprint in terms of the supply chain. 
  • The product should not contain any toxic chemical or substance.

Are there any greener alternatives

Yes, as it happens, there are many green alternatives available in the market today and consumers should prefer them over such products which are harmful to our environment?

The thing about green products is that they are often more expensive, and out of the reach of normal consumers but this will improve steadily as more and more consumers become conscious of the damages and prefer buying greener products. 

The competition in the future will help lower the prices, until then it demands that those who are able to pay then they should prefer greener products


LA’s totally awesome cleaner is a non-biodegradable and toxic cleaner which is toxic to aquatic life and the packaging is also non-recyclable. The manufacturers’ claims on their websites are in direct contradiction to their Safety Data Sheet.

Consumers should be careful while buying such products that they should not be deceived by tall claims and instead do some research into the data sheet made available by the manufacturer thanks to regulations imposed by the authorities instead the customers should buy green products which have publicly listed all of their ingredients. 


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