is dr bronner’s bar soap biodegradable

In this quick guide, we will answer the following question “is dr Bronner’s bar soap biodegradable?”. For this, we need to understand a little about the main ingredients of bar soap and also about biodegradability.

is dr bronner’s bar soap biodegradable?

Yes, dr Bronner’s bar soap is biodegradable. Its natural ingredients and the non-use of synthetics or chemicals allows the soap to be biodegradable without further damage to the environment.

This question is quite common when it comes to products used in everyday life. This is because it directly affects the environment, both in issues related to water and soil quality, and in the balance of life in these environments.

Thus, it becomes essential nowadays to question ourselves about these matters. Every day more small actions have a significant impact on the community.

Below, we will discuss some important concepts to start within this matter, initially in relation to the environment.

Later, we will discuss some characteristics of dr bronner bar soap, mainly related to ingredients, and why this relates to biodegradability.

Therefore, we need to first discuss what are the main characteristics of Dr Bronner’s bar soap in relation to the environment

What are the main features of dr Bronner’s’s bar soap

• Environmental friendly

• Organic

• 100% biodegradable

• No synthetics

• Super Concentrated Formula

In general, we have some questions to think about:

Environmental friendly means that the product is environmentally responsible, that is, its ingredients, packaging and other components do not negatively impact the environment.

Organic means the product and its components are closely linked to living matter. In this case, it means that the ingredients are natural, coming from plants, seeds, and flowers for example and that there is no use of chemicals and synthetics.

To continue the discussion, we need to understand a little about biodegradability.

When an element has biodegradability, it means that its ingredients, largely organic, have the ability to interact with bacteria found in the environment and can degrade without harming nature.

When we consider biodegradability for products, we can take care of their packaging or their ingredients. In the case of products for daily use such as soap, the main discussion involves composition.

In this way, the biodegradability of the product is strictly linked to its manufacture, that is, which ingredients were used in its formula.

In short, it is the ingredients that will answer whether or not the product is biodegradable.

What are the impacts of non-biodegradable products?

Non-biodegradable materials are those that take years to decompose in nature, that is, they do not decompose naturally, such as metals, glass, and plastics.

What are the main impacts of soaps?

In the environment, soaps can change water quality and impact the presence of microorganisms, increasing, for example, the biochemical demand for oxygen.

But what is dr Bronner’s bar soap anyway?

Dr Bronner’s bar soap is a highly concentrated bar soap that allows for greater cleaning capacity per milliliter than other common cleaners. In addition, they are organic and biodegradable.

One difference that we can notice is in its use. While most soaps are recommended for use in cleansing the skin, face or hair, there is a greater possibility of use for dr bronner soap, including for example household activities.

What are the main uses? dr Bronner’s soap can be used on several occasions, for example, to clean

•      The body

•      Hair

•      Teeth

•      Plates

•      Clothes

•      Equipments

•      Fruits and vegetables

•      Among other applications

In other words, dr bronner’s bar soap is not just restricted to internal use, to wash the body. Its diverse uses allow for greater versatility of the product, being possible to use it for everyday tasks as well as for travel.

That’s why Dr Bronner’s bar soap is one of the most recommended bar soaps today when it comes to being environmentally friendly. Its composition, highly concentrated in organic materials facilitates its decomposition in the environment without causing considerable impacts.

What is dr Bronner

Dr Bronner is an American producer of organic soap and personal care products based in California. Among the main products are:

• Peppermint Bar Soap

• Citrus Bar Soap

• Unscented Bar Soap

• Tea Tree Bar Soap

• Lavender Bar Soap

• Rose Bar Soap

• Almond Bar Soap

• Eucalyptus Bar Soap.

In addition to conventional liquid soaps, there are also bar soaps.

Regarding pH, how can this interfere with personal use?

The pH of a product refers to its acidity or alkalinity. This variation occurs from 0 to 14. The closer to zero the more acidic, and the closer to fourteen the more alkaline.

Thus, the average pH of common soaps is between 10 and 11.5, when it comes to fat-based soaps and an average of 6 for synthetic soaps.

In both cases, the products can cause skin irritation, bringing negative consequences related to their use.

Dr Bronner’s soaps have a pH closer to 9, which even though they are alkaline, do not cause skin irritation.

pH is also related to the environment

When we think that daily liquid waste, such as washing the body or washing dishes, turns water gray and can be discarded in several places, we can conclude that in addition to composition, pH is also important to keep the environment balanced.

In cases of products with a pH that is too acidic or too alkaline, there is an interference in the natural pH of water bodies and springs, which may interfere with the life of that environment.

But what about the specific case of dr Bronner bar soaps?

What does environmentally friendly mean?

Environmentally friendly means that bar soap is not harmful to the environment, that is, its manufacture, use, and disposal do not compromise the quality of water, soil, or air.

Is dr Bronner’s bar soap organic?

Yes, dr bronner’s bar soap is mostly made with organic ingredients such as water, Saponfied Organic Coconut Oil, Saponified Organic Olive Oil, Organic Glycerin, Organic Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, Mentha Arvensis Extract and others.

Can I use dr bronner’s bar soap outdoors?

There is an interesting question about the use of bronner soap in the external environment, this is due to the thought about environmental issues, pollution and alteration of water and soil quality

As it is an organic and biodegradable bar soap, its use outdoors does not compromise the quality of the environment, that is, it does not cause negative impacts, being environmentally responsible with freshwater biomes and sources of drinking water.

Does the formulation of dr Bronner’s bar soap contain synthetics?

It is very common in the formulation of soaps to use synthetics. These components usually replace the use of natural oils, or even fats, mainly because they are easy to obtain and the costs are cheaper in some cases.

The formula of dr Bronner’s bar soap contains no synthetic foaming agents, dyes or preservatives, making it safe for the family and the environment.

Are there other advantages besides the environmental aspect?

Yes. Among other issues are those related to soap formulation, this super-concentrated formulation of dr Bronner’s bar soap allows for greater efficiency per drop than other soaps, as well as resulting in less waste and greater value.

And are the recipients environmentally responsible?

Yes, all dr bronner’s containers are 100% post-consumer recycled bottles. It means that in addition to using recycled materials in their composition, they also allow the recycling of their packaging.

Additionally, dr bronner’s bar soaps are wrapped in 10% hemp linen and 90% post-consumer recycled paper from Living Tree Paper Co.

That is, in addition to issues related to soap, ingredients, and formulation, we also have a considerable part regarding packaging. This means that there is no discrepancy when it comes to environmentally friendly dr Bronner soaps.

The formulation composed essentially of organic ingredients, without the addition of synthetics, also helps not to irritate the skin. Other soaps that have in their formulation, synthetic and chemical, can end up bringing harm to the skin, for example, irritation.

When it comes to environmentally friendly soaps, dr Bronner bar soaps are the perfect definition. Organic and easily decomposed ingredients in nature, with recyclable packaging that allows the recycling cycle to continue.

Are there other types of dr Bronner soaps?

Other dr Bronner soaps are also rated positively. For example, pure-castile bar soap is also composed mainly of organic oils, it is also odorless, that is, there is no added fragrance, ideal for sensitive skin and for babies.

How much does Dr Bronner soap cost?

There may be price variations according to location and store choice. However, the average cost of dr bronner soap is:

Liquid: RRP $3.75/59ml, $7.95/236ml, $19.95/944ml

Bar: RRP $5.95/140g

Dr Bronner Clients

The company maintains customer justice not only for the quality of the community or for the organic and vegan formula, but also because the company works in the area of social responsibility, principles such as fair trade, philanthropy, social and environmental, and others, which attract consumers. that share the same values.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): is dr bronner’s bar soap biodegradable?

What are the benefits of dr bronner soap?

dr bronner soaps are environmentally responsible. This means that when using organic ingredients, its components do not harm the environment, soil, or water.

In addition, the super-concentrated formula allows for greater efficiency per drop than other soaps.

What are the ingredients in dr Bronner’s soap?

The main ingredients are: water, Saponfied Organic Coconut Oil, Saponified Organic Olive Oil, Organic Glycerin, Organic Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, Mentha Arvensis Extract and others

Why does Dr Bronner’s have hemp?

Due to the reformulation of their iconic Pure-Castile liquid soap, adding hemp seed oil, for a smoother lather and greater hydration sensation.

Does dr Bronner’s mess up your pH balance?

Dr bronner soaps are made with a balanced blend of oils and are considered “super greasy”. This means there is an addition of citric acid that balances the pH by extracting some of the fatty acids.

Is dr Bronner soap safe for the environment?

dr bronner soaps do not use synthetic foaming agents, dyes or bleaches, or thickeners and preservatives, making them safe for the whole family in addition to being environmentally responsible with gray water systems and the environment.

Is Dr Bronner’s bar soap good for skin?

Due to their formulation without chemicals and synthetics, which can irritate the skin, dr Bronner’s soaps can help clean the skin by removing keratin plugs for example.


You can get dr Bronner soaps in some physical stores depending on your location but mainly online, through the website, purchase can be made online.


In this quick guide, we answer the question “is dr Bronner’s bar soap biodegradable?”

The answer to that question is yes. Dr Bronner’s soap has natural and organic oils as its main ingredients, and this results in the possibility of biodegrading in the environment.

Some essential concepts for the understanding of this subject were presented previously, as the concept of organic and biodegradable.

Above we discussed the ingredients of dr Bronner’s soap, and why it is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. We also present some other dr Bronner products and the main characteristics of this soap line.

We also discuss the main uses and let you know where you can get them.







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