How to Recycle at Best Buy? (5 alternatives)

The article will discuss how to recycle at Best Buy while also explaining:

  • How to find Best Buy?
  • How to trade in at Best Buy?
  • What are other alternatives?

How to recycle at Best Buy?

One of the first steps in having your electronic devices recycled at Best Buy is to first find a store. It is a common sense perception that not every location will have a Best Buy store. 

Therefore, you can take help from the online store locator. To know about it, simply go to the website and see if there is any Best Buy store or outlet near you. If yes, bingo! If not, then you can explore other options too. 

If there is no store locator around, what you can do is sign up for the online trade-in option. You will need to go to the website, provide the details and then ship in the used e-devices and waste. 

This feature is also valid in the case of your local Best Buy store or outlet that does not offer recycling services as will be the case in certain states. 

How to know if your used e-waste is of any value?

The answer to that is also fairly simple. All you need to do is to toggle up the online trade-in calculator. There, you will be asked a series of questions that will determine the value of your electronic device. 

Based on the value, you will be given the due recompense. For example, if you wish to trade in your previous iPhone model then you will be given a good amount of money for it. 

However, if your e-waste is not of any value, you will need to pay for recycling facilities because e-waste is categorised as hazardous waste and can only be recycled in hazardous waste facilities, a process that requires due deliberation and scrutiny. 

What are other options that can be pursued?

Let us say that you are unable to trade in or recycle at Best Buy. This does not mean the end of the world because there are still countless other options that you can take refuge in. the options include

  • Repurposing 
  • Local trade-in 
  • Recycling 
  • Donating
  • Giving your old e-devices to your loved ones 


One of the things that you can do is to repurpose your electronic devices. This means that better utilisation is practised and less waste is generated. For example, consider you have an old PC that you can no longer use for up-to-date tasks. What you can do instead is to reserve it for other tasks that may not require that functional rigour. 

Local trade-in 

Best buy is not the only trade-in platform. There are hundreds more. If you think that the option of trading in or recycling at Best Buy is exhausted for you, you can check with local stores. Chances are that these stores will also accept trade-ins or at least recycle your used electronic devices for good value. 


You may also want to contact other recycling ventures that may accept recycling your used e-waste. These include local recycling centres as well as private ventures such as TerraCycle. 

You can take the help of online services to know more about such options so that you ensure that your e-waste does not end up in landfills and corrupt land and life nearby. 

Donating or giving it to a loved one

If discarding or recycling is not your forte, you can also consider gifting your used electronic devices to your family members or donating them. 

What is non-valuable to you may be of good value to them as they may repurpose it better. If not, then at least, they can recycle or trade it in and get decent recompense against it. 


It is concluded that recycling and trade-in are possible at Best Buy. All you need to do is to find a nearby store or outlet. If there is not any, you can take advantage of the online facility available at the website. 

The article also explained how you can get recompense for your used electronic devices if they are of good value and how to have them calculated right from your home (availing the online services). 

Further, the article also commented on the other options that could be pursued to make sure that your e-waste does not end up in landfills and rather is put to good use. 


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