How to make your room more eco-friendly? (5 ways) 

The article will shed light on how to make your room more eco-friendly. Details will be given on the elaborate practices and how technology can be coupled to achieve this goal of making rooms more eco-friendly that would include 

  • What are some practices at personal and subjective level to make your room more eco-friendly?
  • How can technology make our rooms more eco-friendly?
  • Shifting to renewable sources of energy 
  • Preferring smart and energy-efficient appliances
  • Use of natural products 
  • Use of eco-friendly mattresses
  • Ensuring proper insulation 

How to make your room more eco-friendly?

When it comes to the practices of making our rooms more eco-friendly, consider the following points 

  • Continuously check for leaks or any other repair work that may be required as it can deplete the resource badly 
  • Be conservative with water and other resources usage 
  • Use low-energy and low-flow equipment 
  • Reuse materials and devices as much as you can 
  • Have many plants indoors and outdoors. Install air purifier plants and you will be freed from the need to depend on electronic air purifiers. 
  • Always prefer to make your rooms light and airy to make sure you use the least amount of lights and bulbs. Let the sunlight do its magic. 
  • Try to buy pre-loved or recycled furniture because it will lead to better resource management
  • Prefer green and eco-friendly brands that make use of PCR materials and natural ingredients 
  • Be water efficient when taking a shower 
  • Prefer eco-friendly paints that use minimal or no VOCs to ensure the positive relationship with the environment is kept intact 

How can technology help us in making our rooms more eco-friendly?

With the increasing technological revolution, it is becoming dominantly inevitable that all households are thronged with tons of electrical and electronic equipment. The main idea behind the presence and use of this equipment is to facilitate and elevate the quality of life. 

However, one factor that had been ignored in the past was that this equipment does come at some price. This includes the buying cost and the use cost. However, one aspect that many get easily oblivious to is that these devices and equipment also impact the environment severely. 

The reason why there is a negative relationship between electronic equipment and the environment is given below

  • A majority of the devices are either made from metals or plastics. Both materials are non-biodegradable and rely on non-renewable resources. This means that there is a blunt consumption of non-renewable resources to make these devices and equipment.
  • The next we have is the usability cost. The devices run on electricity or batteries. When it comes to batteries, these batteries are made from metals and are needed to be discarded which will create waste problems.

    The case of electricity is no different as in most cases electricity comes from the burning of fossil fuels which not only leads to the depletion of non-renewable resources but also the emergence of environmental anomalies such as pollution and climate change.
  • Lastly, when these devices are of no use, they are discarded recklessly. This means there is the problem of waste accumulation and environmental degradation such as pollution. Nearby life including humans may also be severely impacted. 

Therefore, based on these points, it is essentially important to alleviate and reduce the negative relationship between these devices and the environment. This can be done by considering the following actions

  • Shifting to renewable sources of energy 
  • Preferring smart and energy-efficient appliances
  • Use of natural products 
  • Use of eco-friendly mattresses
  • Ensuring proper insulation 

Shifting to renewable sources of energy 

As it has been stated that most of the energy comes from fossil fuels burning which not only leads to the depletion of limited resources (non-renewable resources) but also the addition of environmental problems such as pollution, global warming et cetera. 

Therefore, it is rather incumbent to shift towards renewable sources of energy such as electricity. When it comes to that, one of the best candidates is solar energy. 

Therefore, it is advised to have solar panels installed and, therefore, depend on the sun because doing so will not put the environment at risk. 

Switch to energy-efficient appliances

Another great way to help the environment is by shifting to energy-efficient appliances because these appliances will consume less energy and thus, there will be a decreased dependency on non-renewable resources. 

Examples of these smart appliances may include LED bulbs, smart thermostats, motion-sensitive lights et cetera. 

When you switch to these energy-efficient appliances, not only better utility is offered, you will have fewer bills to take care of, and the environment will be given less pressure to deal with. 

Use natural or biobased products 

The products that are mostly used, be it plastic bags or cleaning agents, rely on chemicals and fossil fuels. 

Therefore, it is best to avoid these products and shift to biodegradable and biocompatible alternatives. 

For example, plastic bags can be replaced by bio-based bags that are biodegradable. Also, chemical-based detergents or soaps can be replaced with natural and organic alternatives that are good for the environment as well as our health. 

Use eco-friendly mattresses

Any room will be incomplete without a bed and mattress and therefore, you need to choose an eco-friendly mattress that relies on biodegradable and organic materials such as organic cotton or hemp. 

Doing so will not only reduce the environmental impact minimum but will also facilitate the disposal steps. 

Ensure proper insulation 

You also need to ensure proper insulation so that it may be coupled with the technology let us say heaters to accentuate them. If there is improper damping and insulation, you may need to use heaters or coolers for either a longer period of time or with greater power and this will relate negatively to the environment. 


It is concluded that the article discussed several ways to make your room more eco-friendly. The ways included individual practices to bridge the gap between rooms and eco-friendliness. Also, a detailed comment was made on how to shift to greener appliances in a way to support the environment, your health and utility. 


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