How to dispose of the office chair?

In this article, we discuss the various options one can use in order to dispose of an old office chair in a safe manner.

How to dispose of the office chair?

You can try the following methods to dispose of your old office chair:

  • Recycle
  • Sell or donate old office chairs
  • Reuse old chairs

Disposing old furniture

Although recycling is one of the most essential methods to help the environment, many people are unclear how to recycle old furniture. 

Furniture is the least recycled item in households, according to a recent article from Planet Save, despite the fact that there are so many options to recycle furniture.

The advantages of recycling are generally recognised, however recycling is not limited to household garbage such as cans and bottles. 

Every year, over ten million home items are thrown away, however there are fourteen methods to recycle your old furniture and help change that figure.

Recycling old office chairs

There are several reasons to discard your old office chair. They appear to shatter readily, posing a safety threat. The fabric on the back, seat, and armrests might wear out with time, leaving you with a shabby-looking seat. 

A stiff back or hurting neck might result from sitting on an unsteady or poorly built office chair (or one that is not the proper height). 

Many people have shifted to yoga balls or standing workstations, which eliminates the need for their old office chair. 

Even office furniture goes out of style over time, so if your employer improves its furnishings, your old office chair may need to be replaced.

What recycling choices do you have when it is time to get rid of an old office chair? There are hardly many, unfortunately. When an office chair reaches the end of its useful life, it is difficult to separate the various elements that make up the chair. 

Because it is not a particularly cost-effective method, few businesses recycle office chairs. You may always disassemble the chair and recycle some of the parts yourself. 

If your chair is still usable, you might be able to locate someone who would like it for their home or workplace.

How to dispose of the office chair?

You can try the following methods to dispose of your old office chair:

  • Recycle
  • Sell or donate old office chairs
  • Reuse old chairs

We shall discuss these methods in more detail below.


Office chairs are frequently made of metal, which is easily recycled. It may be sold to a scrap metal dealer, who will melt it down and recycle it. 

At the recycling facility, most towns will have a metal bin. The wood, plastic, leather, and fabric of a chair are all likely to end up in a landfill or incinerator. 

Because the wood is usually treated or made of a composite, such as chipboard, it cannot be recycled. 

The hard plastics that make up office chairs are one of the most difficult to recycle, and there is no easy method to tell what kind of plastic is in them.

Markets for used waste textile material are scarce, and there is no means of knowing if the textile material is cotton, polyester, a mix of the two, or something totally else.

There are a few firms that recycle office chairs on the market. Mattress Recycling in Beaverton, Oregon, collects and recycles used office chairs (along with strollers, weight training equipment and other hard to recycle items). 

All types of office equipment will be collected and recycled by E-Cycle Environmental (although many of the materials in office chairs end up going to waste-to-energy plants, which is not really recycling). 

However, organisations that recycle office chairs are hard to come by. You may have to disassemble your old office chair and recycle the metal yourself if you truly want to recycle it. 

Unless you can find a creative use for the rest of the pieces, including the seat and back, they will have to go in the garbage.

Sell or donate old office chairs

If your office chair is still in decent condition, you should be able to reuse it. There are several businesses that will buy second hand office equipment (including office chairs).

A few examples include Nationwide Office Liquidators, South Coast Auction in California, and Office Furniture NYC. Some of them also sell office furnishings. 

When you are looking for an office chair or any other form of office furniture, give them a look. If you work for a large organisation, such as a university, see if they have a programme for recycling and reusing office equipment. 

Many of them would collect people’s discarded office furniture and resell it to others in need of new furniture. Some thrift stores may accept good-condition office chairs, while others will turn them down since they are difficult to sell. 

Find out what their policy is at your favourite local secondhand store. You may also try selling your office chair on a website like Craigslist on your own.

Reuse old chairs

Keep in mind that you might be able to find a unique method to repurpose an old office chair. If the chair’s main flaw is an old (or uninteresting) covering, consider reupholstering it following these procedures from 

Several individuals, like this inventive guy on, have transformed disused office chairs into cat toys or cat beds. 

If you can not preserve the entire chair, check if you can recycle any of the parts throughout the house. 

According to a post on the site Sew Many Ways, the author took the wheels off an old office chair and hooked them to a shelf, creating a handy rolling cart for storing tools and other materials.

Considering how expensive wheels can be, receiving a pair for free is a fantastic deal.


In thisa article, we discussed the various ways one can use in order to safely dispose of their old office chairs.


What are some ways to repurpose your old furnitures?

You can use some of the following ways in order to repurpose your old furniture:

  • Make a backrest for your bed out of an old door.
  • Repurpose furniture for the garage, playroom, den, or shop, among other places.
  • Towels, kitchen napkins, and blankets can be hung from a ladder.
  • A wooden cargo crate may be utilised as a magazine stacking side table.
  • Old travel trunks may be used as seating, coffee tables, side tables, or display items.
  • Wood pallets may be used to raise your mattress.
  • Old dressers may be repaired and used as vanities in powder rooms, as well as in bathrooms with a colonial or classic motif and a vintage finish.

    If not your other belongings, the drawers can be adapted to contain the pipes and other plumbing fittings of the house.
  • Old lockers can be used to store shoes.
  • Discarded wooden crates may be turned into one of the most useful DIY furniture items for your home. They may be utilised as outside patio furniture such as a sofa, centre table, or even a bedroom bedside table.
  • Vintage-looking windows and window panes can be kept and refurbished as framed pieces to decorate the walls or utilised as room separators.

    Mirrors may be installed in these frames to create a beautiful bespoke partition cum framed mirror. Fabrics and artworks may also be framed using old windows.

How to safely dispose of old furniture?

You can dispose of your old furniture in the following ways:

Donate unwanted furniture to charity shops.

Many outstanding organisations now have furniture businesses that sell unwanted furniture with 100% of the revenues going to charity, and many of them will also collect.

Some homeless charities hire homeless individuals to repair and recycle furniture, which is subsequently sold in their warehouses for the benefit of the well-known homeless organisation. 

It is both good for the environment and good for people to donate furniture to such organisations.

Use an environmentally friendly rubbish clearance company.

Using an ecologically friendly waste removal company is a terrific method to recycle furniture. 

You may be certain that your old furniture has been properly recycled and has a beneficial influence on the environment if you use a removal company that takes social and environmental problems seriously.

Donate furniture through the Furniture Re-use Network.

The Furniture Re-use Network makes it easy to get rid of old furniture while also helping the environment. They’ve come up with some creative ideas for repurposing old furniture and diverting it from landfills by distributing it to those in need. 

They collaborate with over 200 reuse charities to help consumers identify and get rid of old furniture.

Refinish or reupholster it.

Consider refinishing your furniture before getting rid of it to give it a fresh new look. Determine the furniture’s basic material. 

Metal is commonly used for patio furniture, whereas wood or fake wood is commonly used for workstations and tables. Linen, cotton, or leather are commonly used to cover couches and chairs.

Whether your furniture is largely made of metal, you should contact a scrap metal dealer to determine if it may be recycled. 

If the furniture is made of wood, take it to a professional restoration specialist or do it yourself. You can transform your old furniture into something fresh and spectacular with a little thought.

Upcycle old furniture.

Upcycling furniture is a great technique to recycle old furniture if you’re handy with tools. Look for instructive tips and how-to guides on sites like Pinterest to help you upcycle your discarded furniture into beautiful, unusual upcycled items.

Sell Any Furniture That Is In Good Enough Condition.

Instead of tossing away any old furniture, consider trying to sell it secondhand. Nowadays, there are numerous simple ways to market your items for free, such as Facebook groups, free ad sites, store windows, and so on.

You must ensure that the old furniture has an up-to-date fire safety label according to requirements; otherwise, the furniture will not be resold.

Community Bulk Waste Collection

If no retailers will take your furniture and you can’t transport it to a recycler, this may be your final option. Inquire about bulk garbage collection in your neighbourhood. 

Most localities require that major goods such as furniture, appliances, and/or electronics be picked up at least once a year, but you’ll need to schedule pickup.


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