How to dispose of tarot cards?

In this short report we will discuss the topic “how to dispose of tarot cards?” and answer some of the common questions related to ways it can be disposed of. We started the discussion with an introduction of tarot cards and what are some of the common beliefs associated with it. On an endnote, we will discuss different ways tarot cards can be repurposed. 

What is a tarot card? 

Tarot cards are a set of cards first used in Italy and the main purpose for its invention was for playing. Some of the tarot card games that were invented in the 15th century such as Italian tarocchini and French tarot are still played today. However, its use took a deviation in the 18th century when people started using these tarot cards for future telling and gaining access to one’s intuition or inner power and wisdom. 

Each tarot card in a deck has its own imagery, symbol, and story which most people relate to their experience. The believers of tarot cards relate their life with its outcome and make certain decisions based on the intuition they develop with the help of these cards. Tarot cards are made from thick paper and coated with plastic to keep it in shape for regular use. 

These are then printed like the regular cards as a set of 8 cards in 10 rows. Though the deck of tarot cards has 78 actual cards, two extra cards are always printed that are now represented as a joker. 

What are the beliefs associated with tarot cards? 

Common beliefs are surrounding the use of tarot cards which are perceived in different ways. Some people associate tarot cards with astrology as each card is linked to one zodiac sign. With this they try to know their future or associate them with any past events. 

For others it is a way to give guidance related to money, career, finding love etc. As for the psychologist, they like to believe that these types of cards are an easy way to represent the mental health of mankind and are an ideal tool for the therapy. 

How to dispose of tarot cards? 

Similar to how you dispose of the 52-card deck, tarot cards can be treated the same way. Tarot cards do not have any mystic power, it is how you are connected with it. Some people are very inclined and have strong belief towards their deck of cards, while others use it for their artistic values. 

Since tarot cards are made of papers its disposal is easy. The following ways can be used depending on what is comfortable for the owner of the card. 

  • You can give it as a gift to the people who are interested in tarot cards. This way your precious cards are in safe hands. 
  • For those who are experiencing negative vibes, they can always give it back to the owner if it was a gift. 
  • The paper tarot cards can be shredded before discarding it to the trash. 
  • Since these tarot cards are coated with plastics, it should not be burned of as plastic produce toxic fumes. 
  • Tarot cards can also be buried in the earth as it is a common belief that their energy will be absorbed by the earth and pose no harm to its owner. 
  • A better way for its safe disposal is to use tarot cards for different purposes such as in art and craft. 

Some people are connected with tarot cards in a special way; hence, it is difficult for them to dispose of in unwanted ways. Hence, other than burning and disposing in garbage, these can be used to gift your loved one or sell online to those who are passionate about it. There are many options available online where you can sell them. 

As we are connected with everyone through the internet, your chance to sell tarot cards is higher. Some of the websites that sell used items include eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and online forum or discussion groups where people interested in tarot cards are always ready to collect them.

Different ways tarot cards can be reused? 

They are different ways tarot cards can be reused especially for those tarot card owners whose belief is associated with their energy levels. It influences them on how to act on a particular issue. For example, if one wants to check if they do well in an exam, pulling a positive card encourages them to be more involved with the exam. 

This way they perform well and have a welcoming approach towards the tarot cards. But if it’s the reverse, it lowers their energy level, and their performance is affected. Thus, tarot card users are connected with it in a most influential way and for them discarding the card by burning and throwing in garbage feels unethical. 

Below is a list of different ways these tarot cards can be reused. For a creative mind, tarot cards offer a wide range of do-it-yourself crafts. Tarot card boxes, picture frames, hangings, small stands, and bags are few of the many ways these can be designed to show your skills.

They can be used as home decor by making figurines and sticking in the wall, guitar, or clay items. The tarot cards can also be made as a small booklet by binding the card with a ring. In each card you can write the best things that have happened to you or stick pictures of the loved one and keep it as your personal diary. 

For kids and regular book readers, tarot cards are a great way to be used as a bookmark. These can also be shaped as characters and used as bookmarks. Kids love these kinds of bookmarks which adds an enthusiasm for their reading activity. 

Are tarot cards eco-friendly? 

Tarot cards are made from papers that are laminated with plastics. Though they are not a concerned source of pollution, making tarot cards does utilize trees. Cutting down trees for making paper is a cause of concern as these trees take many years to grow and mature. Use of plastics as a lamination is also affecting the environment. 

People who burn off used or old tarot cards contribute to air pollution. Plastic burning is hazardous to health because of the toxic fumes it emits. Moreover, due to the plastic coating, the tarot cards will not be recycled at any recycling center. 


In this short report we have discussed the topic “how to dispose of tarot cards?” by answering several questions related to its purpose. We have put a short introduction on the definition of tarot cards and what are the common beliefs surrounding it. 

Finally, we conclude it with the several best ways to dispose or repurpose the tarot cards. 

Frequently asked question (FAQs): How to dispose of tarot cards? 

Should I throw away my tarot cards? 

Tarot cards should not be just thrown away in the streets. Like any other things that we dispose of properly. Tarot cards should also be disposed of in a proper way. It can be shredded and thrown in garbage just like the paper waste. 

It can, otherwise, be used to make customary art to decorate your house. Tarot cards should not be burned off as these contain plastic lamination. Burning any plastic material is harmful to our environment as it emits toxic chemicals. 

Another way to dispose of the tarot card is to give it away to your friends who like them or sell it online where interested buyers can get it for a considerable price. 

How do you repurpose Tarot cards? 

Tarot cards can be reused for several ‘do it yourself’ projects. These can be used as bookmarks or made to a small booklet. Most tarot card users create an artifact that can be hung on the wall or pasted on to objects. Boxes and bags made from tarot cards are among the list of items that many like to put in their craft collections. 

What can you do with leftover trading cards? 

There is always an option to either reuse the tarot cards for craft works or sell it to anyone who is interested in them. There are many online selling websites for your tarot cards such as eBay, Facebook market or Craigslist, where interested buyers from all over the world will be ready to buy. 


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