how to dispose of snowblower?

In this article, we discuss the various ways one can safely dispose of their old snow blowers. Furthermore, we also discuss other ways to get rid of your snowblower.

How to dispose of snowblower?

You can dispose of an old snow blower in one of the ways mentioned below:

  • Curb Side Disposal or Recycling
  • Donate your Snow Blower
  • Gift To Friends, Family or Neighbors
  • Sell Your Old Snow Blower

Snow blower disposal

A snowblower is a terrific machine for clearing snow from the areas around your home. However, like with all devices, it will need to be fixed or replaced at some point when your demands change.

Donating your old snowblower to a neighbour, scrapping the equipment for metal, or selling it to a local person are all options for getting rid of it. 

However, the best way will be determined by the condition of the snowblower and the amount of time you have to discover the best method for your machine.

Whether your machine is damaged or just no longer suitable for purpose, how you dispose of your snowblower machine (in certain situations even if it is broken) at a reduced price is likely to be determined.

How to dispose of snowblower?

You can dispose of an old snow blower in one of the ways mentioned below:

  • Curb Side Disposal or Recycling
  • Donate your Snow Blower
  • Gift To Friends, Family or Neighbors
  • Sell Your Old Snow Blower

We shall discuss these methods in more detail below.

Curbside Disposal or Recycling

If you do not want to sell your snowblower and are having trouble finding someone to give it to, you may have it retrieved from your curbside. 

This service is provided by several local counties (sometimes for free, sometimes for a fee). This is an excellent method for disposing of a damaged snowblower.

You might also call a scrap metal agency to have the snowblower purchased for scrap. 

Alternatively, you might contact a machine disposal company to have your snowblower removed for you (often for a fee). It is critical to ensure that the snowblower is properly recycled or disposed of in order to avoid future punishment.

Donate your Snow Blower

You can donate your snowblower if you do not intend on using it any longer or if you plan on replacing it with a newer model. 

You may utilise a variety of free local sites to market your snowblower. Out of the many options to do so, Facebook Marketplace is the most user-friendly.

It is possible that your county’s website or office has extra donation sites where you might donate this outdated equipment. 

If the machine is in good working order, it can be given to a Goodwill or Salvation Army shop near you. 

Reusing your machine is better for the environment than disposing of it. You will also be helping a worthy cause and making a difference in someone else’s life.

Gift To Friends, Family or Neighbors

If you have a neighbour or a loved one who would benefit from your old snowblower, feel free to ask them if they would be willing to take it for free. 

Even if they do not accept it, they might be able to refer you to a friend or family member who has been considering buying one or who is in desperate need of one but can not afford one.

This is a good alternative since it requires little to no effort on your part and gives you the nice sensation of doing something kind for others. 

Although one would recommend doing this with snowblowers in good operating order, some may have had lots of friends and family members fix damaged snow equipment, so ask around regardless of the situation.

Sell Your Old Snow Blower

Broken snow blowers and individual snowblower parts sell for a lot of money on the internet. Consider the Craftsman 2 Stage Engine, which went for $55, or the John Deere tyres, which went for $62 on eBay.

It is highly recommended to sell the equipment on Facebook Marketplace rather than eBay or Craigslist since you would not have to worry about postage and the majority of purchasers are willing to pick up the same day. 

On the other hand, purchasing snowblower and other snow tool components online is a terrific option to fix rather than replace your products.

Benefits Of Recycling Your Old Snowblower

Recycling an old snow blower has a lot of advantages, just like recycling any major electrical appliance has. Some of the benefits that practising this are:

  • In the industry, establishing firms and jobs. This includes those who can separate various materials for recycling or restore tools for resale.
  • Keeping power waste to a minimum. For example, recycling metal instead of producing it saves 7.5 kWh of power in the United States. This amount of energy is enough to power a city the size of Pittsburgh for six years.
  • Reduces the quantity of garbage that is dumped in landfills and burned in incinerators. This necessitates the transportation and breakdown of a significant number of materials, which takes millennia to degrade.
  • Reduces the need to obtain additional raw materials, which reduces pollution. Allowing us to recondition old resources for use in new goods instead.
  • Conserves natural resources such as wood, water, and minerals, which are essential for reducing global warming and safeguarding wildlife habitats across the planet.

Remove snow without a snow blower

Not everyone may have a snow blower, and come winter season, removing snow from the driveway becomes a major issue.

However, there are other methods for removing snow without requiring a snow blower. These are:

  • Use a leaf blower
  • Rock salt
  • Rake and Broom

We shall discuss these alternatives in more detail below.

Use a leaf blower

Leaf blowers are excellent for removing light, fluffy flakes of snow off driveways and sidewalks. 

They operate best on layers of snow that are one inch thick or less, although they can clear snow up to four inches deep. They will not, however, function effectively on thick layers of snow or ice.

Your leaf blower may operate better than a shovel on light levels of snow. In fact, because you will not be removing the pebbles by accident, this is an ideal approach to remove snow from a gravel driveway.

A battery-powered leaf blower is far superior to one with an electric cable that must be plugged in and strewn over the snow. That is not a good sign.

You will need a leaf blower with a long battery life (so you do not have to go out in the snow as much as you need to) and high power to effortlessly blow the snow away.

Rock salt

If you are able, this is something you should invest in to be prepared for future snow storms. When you wait until there is a chance of snow, the ice melt supplies are frequently depleted.

Calcium chloride crystals or magnesium chloride crystals must be used in extremely cold temperatures.

Traditional snow and ice melts may be poisonous to pets and plants, as well as damaging to the environment. Try a Pet Friendly Ice Melter if you are concerned about exposure to pets or the environment. 

Because it is coloured, you can see where you are distributing it. It will not damage surfaces or make your skin dry, and it is also environmentally friendly.

Rake and Broom

On heavy layers of snow, rakes will be useful. When raking snow off your driveway, take care not to scrape away any gravel or pebbles.

While a rake will remove huge bits of snow, you will still need to remove part of the snow using another means (such as a broom or leaf blower).

When using a rake on a gravel driveway, keep in mind that it will likely remove huge amounts of gravel, so proceed with caution.

At home, almost everyone owns a broom or rake. These also work well for clearing snow without the need of a shovel.

Brushing away light layers of snow is best done using a broom. You will want to use a push broom since it is the most efficient and needs the least amount of effort. However, if you only have a regular broom, it will suffice.


In this article, we covered the various methods one can use in order to get rid of their old snow blowers. Furthermore, we also discussed how to get rid of snow if you do not have a snow blower.

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