Does Best Buy recycle old printers?

In this article, we discuss Best Buy’s policy on recycling electronics, particularly old printers. We also discuss alternatives for recycling printers.

Does Best Buy accept old printers?

Yes, Best Buy accepts old printers as well as ink cartridges for recycling, along with other electronic appliances. Best Buy has voluntarily run the United States’ most extensive e-waste recycling operation since 2009. 

They are still the only national shop to offer this service, making them an industry leader. They are entirely devoted to serving as a handy local option for customers looking to get rid of their old gadgets and appliances properly.

Best Buy will make modifications from time to time to guarantee the service’s long-term viability, such as charging fees to recycle specific goods for which recycling prices have skyrocketed.

They continue to collaborate closely with the consumer electronics sector to develop more and better recycling solutions for the time being.

Printer recycling

Printers, like many other devices, include elements that are safe while in use but become toxic when discarded carelessly. 

Printers, along with other end-of-life devices, account for the bulk of mercury in landfills, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. 

As the gadget decomposes at a landfill, hazardous substances will leak into the soil and water, posing a health risk to the surrounding community.

Landfills aren’t the only areas where e-waste pollutes the environment. Electronics supplied to underdeveloped countries by criminal actors wanting to make a fast cash frequently wind up in enormous “graveyards.” 

They are burnt out in the open to reveal the precious metals therein, resulting in hazardous ash that people inhale and pollutants that are released into the water system. 

These chemicals have been linked to serious health issues such as brain damage and birth problems. 

In addition, an increasing number of jurisdictions, including California, Connecticut, Illinois, and North Carolina, have made it unlawful to throw away electronics, including printers, in the garbage.

E-waste is the world’s fastest-growing waste stream, and since it decomposes so slowly, it takes up a lot of room in municipal landfills. 

States and municipalities are enacting legislation and providing various incentives to encourage individuals and companies to fix or recycle their gadgets rather than throw them away. If it isn’t illegal in your state yet, don’t hold your breath.

How to recycle printers

Recycling old printers is the quickest and most convenient method to dispose of them. There are certain ways to recycle your old printers, which include:

  • Recycle printer through the retailers
  • Visit an e-waste disposal facility
  • Town or county-based recycling events
  • Recycle printer with the help of E-cycling Central
  • Contact the printer manufacturing company

We shall discuss the above mentioned methods in more detail.

Recycle printer through the retailers

Retailers such as Best Buy frequently have clearly labelled recycling bins in their stores, allowing you to simply drop off your printers in the appropriate container. 

Target, Staples, and Office Depot are also among the stores that have a recycling programme. Most communities have one of those big-box stores nearby, so getting rid of your old devices shouldn’t be that difficult.

Visit an e-waste disposal facility

Another alternative is to visit an e-waste disposal facility. A centre may already exist in your region, depending on where you reside. For information on e-waste drop-off sites and hours, contact your city hall or go to your city or county’s website.

Using a recycling facility is a straightforward solution to your problem that is also ecologically good. Old printer and toner cartridges may also be recycled or disposed of.

Town or county-based recycling events

Some towns and counties host day- or weekend-long events to collect electronic garbage, making it even easier for consumers and business owners to get rid of obsolete technology.

You’re set to go after you’ve dropped off your printers at the appropriate place. Although not every city has an electronics recycling programme or designated day, if yours does, make a note of it so you can properly dispose of your devices.

Recycle printer with the help of E-cycling Central

You may also look out e-waste recycling programmes and commercial organisations that collect old printers near you on E-cycling Central. Begin by choosing your state.

The search results may then be organised by programme name, organisation type, city, and ZIP code. This is a useful tool for locating a facility that will accept your used printers, mobile phones, fax machines, and other items.

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your equipment condition on a regular basis so you can figure out when it’s time to upgrade.

Contact the printer manufacturing company

You can also get in touch with the printer’s maker. Epson, Canon, HP, Sony, and Samsung all provide e-waste recycling and take-back programmes, but contact first to verify whether your printer is accepted.

The companies may only accept some devices as part of their take-back programs.

Alternatives for disposing old printers

When recycling is not an option in your area, there are certain alternatives you can look into in order to safely dispose of your printer. These methods are:

  • Donating the printer
  • Selling the printer

We shall discuss these in more detail.

Donating the printer

One person’s garbage is another person’s gold. If your old printers are still functional, numerous groups will gladly accept them and put them to good use. 

Schools, recreation facilities, community groups, thrift stores, charities, and nonprofits are just a few examples.

These groups will be able to make use of the old equipment, and you will get a positive reputation in the community. While you can undoubtedly recycle old printers, helping out groups in need is always a good idea.

You may also give outdated printers to nonprofits that focus on providing gadgets to individuals in need. 

The World Computer Exchange, for example, supplies electronics to underdeveloped nations, such as PCs and accessories. Its website has a list of products that are now needed.

Some printer makers collaborate with non-profits to recycle and repurpose electronics. Dell is one of these manufacturers. In collaboration with Goodwill, the Dell Reconnect programme allows you to drop off your printers at any Goodwill outlet and they’ll take care of the rest.

Don’t assume you shouldn’t give your printers even if they don’t function. Non working gadgets can still be sold for cash or exchanged for gift cards by many charities and organisations. 

You could consider giving old computers, computer monitors, and other obsolete electrical goods in addition to your printers to help groups in need of technology.

Due to charitable giving guidelines, you may be eligible to take tax deductions if you donate your old printers to approved charity. 

Check with the IRS to see if your gift qualifies, but contributing to organisations and charities is likely to result in a monetary advantage.

Selling the printer

There are various methods to transform your old printers into cash if they are in decent shape. Here are some places where second hand printers may be sold:

  • Printers Jack: Request a quotation, ship the printer, and receive payment by cheque or PayPal.
  • This service is similar to Printers Jack, except it focuses on restoring laser and dot matrix printers that have been donated by IT organisations.
  • Online marketplaces: List your printer on auction sites including eBay, Amazon, Bonanza, and Craigslist.
  • Social Media: To sell your printer locally, simply write a post or join a buy and sell groups on Facebook.

    Although these organisations might get congested, there are several opportunities to sell secondhand technology through social forums and groups.

Even if your old printers are no longer functional, selling them to garbage shops and repair companies might help you recoup part of your investment.

Depending on where you live, you may need to spend some time looking for these locations and then phoning to confirm that they accept your printer and brand.

It can be a headache to sell printers at times, but it’s a fantastic method to offset the expense of a new printer. Printers are costly, and for some small companies, a few hundred dollars from selling a secondhand printer may be a significant sum.

If you’re selling your printer on an online forum, compare the prices of similar used printers to guarantee you receive the best price for your used printer and don’t get taken advantage of by a possible buyer.


Best Buy accepts old printers as well as ink cartridges for recycling, along with other electronic appliances. Best Buy has voluntarily run the United States’ most extensive e-waste recycling operation since 2009. 

There are other ways as well to recycle your old printers, which include recycling printer through the retailers, e-waste disposal facilities, town or county-based recycling events, E-cycling Central, or contacting the printer manufacturing company.

When recycling is not an option in your area, there are certain alternatives you can look into in order to safely dispose of your printer, such as donating the printer, or selling the printer. 

However, these options are only for printers that are in a working condition.


Does Best Buy still take old electronics?

With a few exceptions, Best Buy accepts most gadgets and major appliances. More information about recycling limits for individual goods in your state may be found on the Electronics and Appliances Recycling main page of their website.

Best Buy’s voluntary in-store and online recycling programmes do not accept any goods that have been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Does Best Buy charge for recycling electronics?

Best buy charges a nominal fee for recycling certain electronics. For the rest, recycling is absolutely free of cost and hassle-free.

People can recycle up to 3 electronic appliances per day at the nearest Best Buy store. It is recommended that you check their website in order to assess which devices can be recycled for free.

Is it safe to throw away a printer?

No, it is absolutely not safe to throw away a printer. If the ink cartridges present in the printer have any ink in it, chances are that they can leak out in the open, thereby contaminating the soil as well as groundwater.

Furthermore, some countries as well as states (eg.: California, USA) have stringent laws with respect to e-waste handling, with some even making it illegal to throw away any old TVs, computers, batteries and more into the trash.

This is because when these devices end up in landfills, the toxic substances present in them can end up leaking out and thereby polluting the groundwater.

Will Best Buy destroy hard drives?

No, Best Buy will not physically destroy your hard drives. Best Buy has a policy where they hand over hard drives to a third party that specialises in handling hard drives and other similar components in an e-waste.

Therefore, it is recommended that you remove any data present on the hard drive before giving your PC or laptop to Best Buy for recycling.


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