Can you reuse fake eye lashes more than once?

In this short report we will discuss the question “Can you reuse fake eyelashes more than once?” with first introducing different materials used to make eyelashes and what are the most common types of eyelashes used by the people. 

We will be discussing more on its reusability and how to take care of it to make it more durable for use. On a final note we will discuss the problems associated with the use of fake eyelashes and how we can enhance the growth of our own natural eyelashes. 

What are fake eyelashes made of? 

Fake eyelashes are a beauty product that are glued on to the real eyelashes and make your eye look more brilliant and livelier. It adds length and volume to the already existing eyelashes and creates a gorgeous look. Synthetic eyelashes are made from a plastic fiber called polybutylene terephthalate which is a type of polyester that are molded and shaped to form eye lashes of different volume and sizes. 

Since synthetic eyelashes are made of plastic, they hold the curl of eye lashes and are firm in nature. However, most synthetic eyelashes are for single use as they are easy to wear and tear particularly in presence of rain or dust. There are many natural alternatives where eyelashes are made from human hair or animal hair. Since human hair is cheaply available, they are the best source of naturally obtained fake eyelashes. 

They are also more comfortable to use and thinner than synthetic eyelashes. However, for the animal-based lashes most of the fake lashes come from mink. They are very smooth, comfortable and easy to wear. These are obtained from the tail of the mink animal hence has a feathery look to it. The process of making fake eyelashes is usually carried out by shaving mink’s hair and sticking it in the strip along with the human hair to get a good volume to the fake eyelashes. 

One thing to understand is that we are not sure if the mink is hurt in the process of obtaining the hair. If there is cruelty involved, then users are requested to choose another alternative as no beauty product is worth anyone’s life. 

Photo Courtesy: iStock. Mink in cage

What are the types of eyelashes? 

Since people all over the country vary in many aesthetic aspects, their choice of eye lashes also varies as it has a unique effect on the wearer’s eyes. Based on these, different types of eye lashes are made that depend on the choice of the material used and the price attached to it. The types of eyelashes includes: 

  • Mink eyelashes 
  • Faux Mink eyelashes 
  • Sable eyelashes 
  • Silk eyelashes 
  • Synthetic eyelashes 
  • Magnetic eyelashes 

Mink eye lashes are very expensive and range from $300 to $500 per set, hence, they are the number one choice of the celebrities. They are very natural looking as these are natural hair extracted from the mink. The process of extraction involves killing mink and removing their hair for making eyelashes. 

Thus, most refrain from its purchase and use to prevent any atrocities towards animals. Another product that gives the same texture and properties of mink hair is the faux mink hair. These are not actual mink hair and to remove the confusion it is called as faux mink hair. These are actually synthetic hair and very cheap compared to the actual mink hair. 

Sable eyelashes are also one of a kind as these are the thinnest eye lashes of all and do not weigh down your natural eyelashes. These are also made from the sable animal’s hair and are ideal for those who don’t like thicker eyelashes. 

Silk eyelashes provide a style to the fake eye lashes by being thick at the start and gradually becoming thinner at the end. These are also made from mink hair but contains a mix of synthetic plastic as well. Finally magnetic eyelashes use magnetic attractive forces to keep your eyelash in position. 

These are deemed safe to use around the eyes by integrative optometrists and clinical homeopath and are said to be even better that the traditional fake eyelashes as they do not involve the use of strong adhesives. Different eye lashes give different appearance to the face and hence to choose the best among these one must try and experiment with different types of eye lashes. 

Photo Courtesy: iStock. False eyelash

Can you reuse fake eyelashes more than once? 

Fake eyelashes’ durability and quality greatly depends on the type of material used for making these eye lashes. Synthetic eyelashes can be used for a few days compared to the eye lashes made from naturally occurring animal hair which may last more than a month. However, to answer the question, fake eyelashes can definitely be used more than once and with proper cleaning and maintenance you can reuse it many times. 

Some eyelashes are so durable that you can wear them at night or take a shower wearing them. These eye lashes are placed on the edge of your eye and held together by strong glue which keeps it in position and does not loosen up. Cleaning up eyelashes is very important with respect to its durability. 

Using an alcohol or a makeup remover will do the job correctly. Use a cotton swab to dip in alcohol and wipe the lashes carefully, clean the mascara, and keep on a towel or it to dry. 

Do fake eyelashes cause any problems with the eyes? 

Fake eyelashes are always foreign objects to your body and have chances of causing infection, allergic reactions or any damage to your natural lashes. Some uses eyelashes overnight or sleep in with them which is not a good thing to do. It will either damage your eyelashes or cause harm to your eyes. 

There will be dirt build up and loss of natural eyelashes if it’s kept on your eyes for a longer period. 

Ways you can improve your natural eyelashes 

Why go for artificial things when there are many ways you can enhance your natural lashes. Applying castor oil is a great way to start nurturing your eyelashes. These enhance hair growth and make your eyelashes look thicker and fuller. Applying mascara to this will eventually bring out the natural look of your eyelashes. 

Many other eyelashes enhancing serum are available that also improves the health of your eyelashes. Vitamin oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and biotin are some of the key ingredients for a gorgeous looking eyelash.


In this brief discussion we have answered the question “Can you reuse fake eyelashes more than once?” and known the material composition of eyelashes and what are the different types available in the market. We have also discussed the ways it can be reused and how to clean and maintain fake eyelashes for its effective usage. 

Finally, we have discussed the issue related to the use of fake eyelashes and know ways by which we can make our own natural eyelashes more healthy. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): Can you reuse fake eyelashes more than once? 

How many times can you reuse false lashes? 

The reuse of false eye lashes varies with the type and quality of the product; however, most fake eyelashes can be reused up to 20 times. With good quality eyelashes these can go up to a month or more if taken care of properly. 

Use of mascara or glitters on the eyelashes make it less durable as you must clean each time you use it. The number of times you can use a fake eye lash differs greatly if it is made of synthetic material. Most synthetic eyelashes last for four to five wears even after taking good care of it. 

How to clean your fake eyelashes at home? 

Cleaning with an alcohol, makeup remover or warm water is the best way to remove much of the glue and mascara from the fake eyelashes. Before cleaning, place the eye lashes on a towel of tissue paper and with the help of a cotton swab clean the eye lashes gently. Some may place the eyelash on the towel and spray alcohol, but this works well for synthetic eyelashes so be sure of what you are using before any cleaning process. 

Can you reuse Ardell lashes? 

Yes, Ardell lashes can be used for a long time without affect its features. They should be taken care of properly and placed on the same box that they came with. Most have experience that they can sleep with their Ardell lashes on but if your sleeping position is off and you roll on your tummy, the lashes may rub on the pillow and come off. 

Another interesting thing about Ardell lashes is that these do not come off even under the shower. This is due to the strong adhesive glue that is used to place the eye lashes. If the eye lashes are placed properly then most chances are there that will stick perfectly until you take it off. 

What are the best reusable false eyelashes? 

There are several synthetic and natural fake eyelashes that give the smoothness and perfect natural appearance for your special day. Some of the best ones include 

  • Wleec False Eyelashes that can last upto three month with proper care. 
  • Eliace False Eyelashes Set containing 50 eyelashes with an application tool for a perfect fit. 
  • Ardell False Lashes Deluxe Pack is also og very high quality that comes with an applicator for the ease in placing the eyelashes.
  • Eylure Naturals False Lashes are super natural looking eyelashes and are also very light in weight so that you will not feel its uncomfortableness.
  • Kiss EZ False Lashes are an ideal product for first time users as it comes with a variety of different styles. 

Can you reuse false trip lashes? 

Fake eyelashes can be reused but the number of times you can reuse depends on how well you take care of it. Most eyelashes can last for 20 uses after which they no longer stick properly or are worn out. To remove the fake eye lashes is the tricky part. 

A simple make up remover will be able to remove it effectively but remember not to squeeze it to remove excess water. Instead let it dry in the box where you keep the eye lashes. 

Are magnetic lashes better than glue? 

The choice depends on how comfortable you are with the type of fake eyelashes. Magnetic eyelashes are more durable than the regular fake eyelashes as these can be cleaned easily and require less handling. With the glue around the fake eyelashes it sometimes gets messy and requires gentle handling and cleaning. 

Magnetic eyelashes, however, are not sturdy and that uncomfortable feeling which makes you think that it will fall off anytime is the reason most go with glue. 

Is it bad to wear fake eyelashes every day? 

Similar to how you do not keep your make for many days, fake eyelashes are also not used for a long period of time. Though these can be kept for 4-7 days continuously, it is recommended that you remove it after 24 hours or remove as soon as it has served its purpose. With its long use, the fake eyelashes can be a problem to your eyes and eyelashes because of the chemical contained in the glue. 

False eyelashes cover your original eyelashes and if kept for a long time will prevent the natural eyelashes from naturally cleaning themselves. Moreover, it causes high risk of developing infections and allergic reactions. 


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