Can you dispose of a treadmill?

This article discusses the various ways one can use to safely dispose of their treadmills. We discuss the various options when it comes to disposing of a treadmill.

Can you dispose of a treadmill?

No, you cannot dispose of a treadmill along with the trash in your curbside recycling program. However, there are other ways to dispose of your treadmill, such as donating it, selling it, or relying on third party organisations such as Earth911 and TerraCycle.

What is a treadmill?

A treadmill is a form of exercise equipment that is regularly used for indoor exercises by many individuals.

For many people, it is a wonderful way to burn some calories at their convenience, for example before work every morning. Instead of going outdoors to workout, you may do so from the comfort of your own home.

Unlike some other fitness equipment, such as kettlebells and resistance bands, which may endure for a long time, you can’t use a treadmill indefinitely.

Over the course of the current pandemic, treadmills have been in a high demand among other fitness equipments, as many people believe that it is safer to workout in their own premises rather than risking an exposure outside or at the gym.

How to recycle a broken treadmill

After an extensive amount of use, treadmills reach a point when they are simply beyond service and maintenance. In such cases, disposing it off is the only viable option left for the user.

However, most of the time treadmills are simply disposed of, and given their size, end up taking a significant amount of space.

As a whole, a treadmill cannot be recycled, since it has a lot of components of different nature. These parts on their own can be recycled with quite the ease.

Therefore, in order to recycle a broken treadmill, it would be wise to take apart the equipment, and sort the components on the basis of the material used.

The various components that emerge from a treadmill usually fall in the respective categories. These are:

  • Metal scraps
  • Plastics
  • Electronics
  • Running belt and running board

We shall discuss the various methods in which each of these components can be safely discarded.

Metal Scraps

There are a lot of metal parts in this workout equipment. If your treadmill isn’t manual, you’ll wind up with metal support components, small screws, and the large engine that makes it all function.

You may either recycle the metal yourself or hire someone else to do it for you. If you advertise on social media or in electronic/traditional wanted advertisements that you have metal for scrap, you will undoubtedly draw a few interested parties.

Don’t anticipate a cash bonanza from your junk, and don’t charge your scrap metal delivery service for picking up your trash.


The hard plastic pieces of your treadmill are the biggest component to be discarded. Recycling or upcycling them will take the greatest effort.

To boost your calorie burn, the plastic handle grips and the surround for your devices have worked hard and endured a beating: Make a concerted effort to keep them out of the trash.

You might be able to discover a local plastic recycler who accepts odd-shaped stiff plastics like these, but they’re hard to come by. Before making the journey to drop them off, phone the possible recycler to ensure if they would accept these items.

You might also try giving the plastic components away for free to other treadmill users whose parts have failed on exchange sites. Consider upcycling if neither of these alternatives works.

Take a look at these items to see how they can be repurposed as well as how they can be used as art. Is it possible to paint the handles and turn them into vases? Is that vacant console in your garage suitable for storing ropes or hoses?


Under the buttons and screens, unless your treadmill is fully manual, there will be some wire and circuit boards. This item, as well as the wire, may be recycled with your other electronic trash.

Even manual treadmills normally come with a battery-powered monitor for keeping track of your time and distance; make sure to recycle this device along with your e-waste.

Running belt and running board

The running belt is the area of the shoe that your feet contact while running or walking. If you own a treadmill, you’ve undoubtedly changed this component a few times and have to loosen it to apply oil before tightening it again. 

Because it’s made up of numerous different materials, the belt is extremely tough and difficult to recycle, but it’s perfect for upcycling.

A utility knife may be used to cut your running belt into parts. In the garage or workshop, use it as a tough mat. As a doormat or mudroom rug, stack a few pieces on top of each other. It’s also useful to put under a litter box to keep litter from spreading around the house.

Look around your home for where else you might need a tough mat. 

The running board, which is normally a huge piece of plywood painted black, is located beneath the running belt. Upcycling this wood into wall art, a table, a desk, storage, or even a kid’s play vehicle arrangement is a terrific idea. 

If you’re not the artistic kind, give this piece to any artist you know as it would come handy for them to make art on it.

How to dispose of a used Treadmill?

If you have an old treadmill which is still working optimally, but you are looking to dispose of it, the following options should be considered.

  • Give it away or sell it
  • Donate it to charity
  • Sell it to third party organisations

We shall discuss these in more detail.

Give it away or sell it

Ask your coworkers, family, siblings, or neighbours whether they want your treadmill before you make your selection. Someone in your group may require the use of a treadmill to workout.

Selling it to someone else might possibly be an option for you. To get rid of it as soon as feasible, sell it for a low price. Posting an ad, whether online or offline, may usually assist you in getting rid of your used treadmill. 

Outside your home, you can put a note next to your mailbox. There are also several places where you can publish free classified advertising to get rid of your old treadmill.

Request that a local gym post a notice on the notice board or on the internet asking if a member would be interested in using your treadmill for free or for a modest charge. Before turning over the equipment for reuse, it should be in good working order and completely functional.

Donate it to charity

Your old treadmill may be useful to certain charitable organisations. Donate your outdated workout equipment to a good cause. 

They’ll trade it for money and sell it as scrap to a firm that needs it. Look for charity organisations to give to, such as Sports Gifts Inc. and Fitness 4 Charity.

Sell it to third party organisations

Are you aware that certain internet marketplaces specialise in the sale of second hand equipment, such as your old treadmill? will give you a fair price if your treadmill is in good operating order and repairable.

There are other social media marketplaces, such as facebook market, amazon refurbishers, and so on, which would help you to sell your treadmill at a reasonable price.


There are various ways to safely dispose of a treadmill. Unlike the other fitness equipments such as kettlebells and resistance bands, treadmills are a multi-component equipment, made from various types of substances such as metal, plastic, rubber, etc.

All of these components can be segregated and then sent for recycling, in the case of a broken treadmill. However, if your treadmill still performs optimally, you can try to either sell it to a family member, friend, a third party organisation, or a local gym, or, you can donate it to a charity.


How much does it cost to dump a treadmill?

How do you remove a treadmill from your house?

If you wish to remove your treadmill from the house, you will need to follow the steps listed below.

  1. Look in the handbook provided by the treadmill manufacturing company for directions on how to move things around.
  2. Remove the safety key from the treadmill and unplug it, as the string attached to the key can get entangled and cause complications while moving the treadmill.
  3. Move the treadmill from one room to the next by rolling it around. Most of the treadmills are provided with wheels in order to facilitate an easier moving process.
  4. Fold or disassemble the treadmill, as doing so would reduce the weight one would need to carry, as well as reduce the chances of any damage occurring to the equipment.
  5. If required, remove doors and jambs from the house, as they can act as obstacles when the treadmill is being moved.
  6. There are occasions when you’ll need a furniture dolly and times when you’ll be able to get by without one. You probably won’t need a dolly if you’re transporting a treadmill with wheels from one room to another.

    For any large-scale treadmill being transported on a moving truck, however, we recommend using a furniture dolly. If you need to carry a treadmill downstairs or upstairs, you’ll also need a furniture dolly.

    When transporting a treadmill using a dolly, it’s important to make sure the treadmill is centred on the dolly and that the weight is spread equally.
  7. Position the stronger individual going down the stairs first while pushing a treadmill down the stairs. They’ll bear the brunt of the burden.

    Ascertain that the individual on the top side has a firm hold. If their hands are sweaty, wash them down and put on a pair of movement gloves to improve your grip.

    Take it one step at a time, and make sure to communicate if one person’s weight becomes too much. If the person on the lower end needs extra help, they should have someone else on hand.

    It is preferable to err on the side of caution rather than risking damage.
  8. It’s easier to move the treadmill if there’s not a lot of cushioning on it. Once the equipment is loaded into the moving truck, cover it in moving blankets or other cushioning to protect it throughout the travel.

    The treadmill should then be secured against a wall using movable straps so that it cannot move.
  9. It’s not always possible to move a treadmill on your own. Professionals that utilise dollies and carry big goods on a regular basis are frequently the ones who employ this sort of equipment.


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