Can we recycle Dell laptop batteries? 

In this brief report we will be discussing the topic “Recycling Dell laptop batteries” with a brief note on the evolution of the company toward a worldwide brand of laptop. We will also discuss the recycling of laptop batteries and how Dell company is contributing to the recycling of laptop batteries and aiming for an eco-friendly product.

How has the Dell company evolved over time? 

One of the largest brands among the several other gaint tech companies, Dell not only paved the way for development of other companies but also maintained a lead in manufacturing and distribution of laptops worldwide. Dell was first in providing many notable achievements in the history of laptop making where a college student named Michael Dell developed the idea from the dormitory room of University of Texas, Austin to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of PC. 

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The achievements of Dell company are owed to the several remarkable steps taken during its development which can be summarized in the following points. 

  • Selling through advertisements and mail-order catalogs to avoid the cost of retail marketing. 
  • Ability to offer high quality PCs at a competitive price. 
  • Initiative customer service by sending technicians to service PCS and providing risk-free returns. 
  • Expanding their business to the international market through the brand name Dell Computer Corporation. 
  • Release of Dell’s first notebook computer followed by first color notebook computer. 
  • Using the internet for selling Dell products and providing customer support through the internet.
  • Dell was the first company that offered the advantage of long lasting lithium-ion batteries. 
  • The 21st century marked the beginning of Dell televisions, digital cameras, and computer related products. 

Dell laptops have proved to be one the best laptops for all kinds of work and at every budget. These are also mostly preferred for its portable and robust build including excellent features. The company has introduced high budget laptops with special features such as the Dell XPS 15 that offers powerful features for creative students and is adaptable to heavy workload. 

For gaming enthusiasts, Alienware M15 R3 provides great quality and better sublime gaming performance. As the featured ‘The rise and rise of Dell’, it gave us a front-end idea on the market of Dell laptops in India and worldwide. 

The company has progressed four consecutive years resulting in becoming the top brand of laptop by overtaking HP laptops and becoming second in the overall PC market. The company took sustainable measures to strengthen their business and introduced marketing strategies which resulted in over $1 billion revenue in a short span of time. With the current pandemic situation, the demand for laptops has increased to accommodate the needs of school and college students and office staff. 

With this rose the revenue of Dell laptops where students are encouraged to buy Dell laptops through special offers and discounts. 


What materials are used to make Dell Laptops and is it eco-friendly?

Dell company is equally contributing to provide for a healthy environment. They have been using several resources again and again rather than dumping them in the trash after one use. With this they are playing a key role in removing the plastic waste from landfill and oceans. The sturdiness of the dell laptop is obtained from the plastic materials. 

However, Dell has a long history of using recycled plastics and has reached the goal of using 50 million pounds of recycled material for its manufacturing. These are also known to utilize plastics dumped in waste for making packaging trays. Some of the other laptops are made of aluminum which has a higher recycling rate than plastic materials. Moreover, the company has also stopped using foams and single use plastic materials for packaging. 

Most of the accessories ordered from Dell come in plastic free packaging. The scientific research carried out by the Dell companies are always on the lookout for a more sustainable and renewable source of raw materials for the manufacturing of laptop parts. 

Can we recycle Dell laptop batteries? 

Dell has also contributed to taking advantage of efficient charging systems with the use of lithium-ion batteries, more specifically lithium-ion polymer batteries. Though a standard battery can last for 6 to 8 hours, Dell’s Latitude 9510 has been designed to last for an amazing 18 hours and 17 minutes which is one of the best models most business laptops can use. 

Any laptop batteries contain elements that are reactive and release chemicals that harm the environment. Thus, these batteries should never be disposed of in organic waste materials that end up in landfill. When dumped in landfill, these batteries cause severe effects to the organic life on earth. Lithium batteries, if left exposed, can even ignite fire in the landfill which can be severe owing to the already existing methane production. 

These batteries should not be discarded in the curbside recycling bins that are meant for recycling plastic and paper wastes. The batteries are part of electronic wastes and there are separate collection centers or routine pickups that accept batteries for recycling. Laptop batteries that are swollen should be taken special care of as these are sensitive to heat and may cause fire. 

There are many drop off locations for Dell laptop batteries, some of which are major retail stores such as Walmart, Best Buy, Sears, Lowe’s, and Home Depot that effectively recycle the dead batteries for you. The better way will be to check the manufacturers for the best options to discard the laptop batteries safely, especially when there is a hazard risk. 

Dell has taken several initiatives to render an eco-friendly and environmentally responsible solution for the manufacturing of their product as well as for waste disposal which include the laptop parts and the batteries. 

The disposed laptops are taken to extract the electronic parts that are repurposed for other works. The recycling of plastic from old laptops and making its use to make a new one is another initiative from the company. Most of the ocean plastics have also been utilized as a plastic component of the laptops. 


In this brief report we have discussed the topic “Recycling Dell laptop batteries” and have highlighted some of the developments of the Dell company that made them known worldwide. We have also discussed how the company’s initiative in dealing with plastic waste has helped reduce landfill and ocean plastic pollution. Finally we concluded the different ways the Dell laptop batteries can be recycled and the initiatives by the company for using recycled plastic material in manufacturing laptops.

Frequently asked question (FAQs): Recycling Dell laptop batteries. 

How long do Dell laptop batteries last? 

For regular use, the battery efficiency starts to drop after 18 to 24 months. This two-year lifespan is the specified battery life for any laptop. Dell uses lithium -ion polymer batteries which are preferred for its slim form and long battery life. However, the efficiency of the battery can be increased for a few more months if few precautions are taken. 

  • Short term damage will occur if the laptop is plugged on all the time. 
  • Turning off some applications when they are not in use. 
  • Switch off the laptop when keeping in enclosed place such as your bag. 
  • Always use the compatible charger that is provided with the laptop.

 How much does it cost to replace Dell laptop battery? 

There is a different variation of Dell laptop batteries which depends on the system compatibility with the battery. The most expensive is the Dell Latitude E6400/E6500 6 Cell laptop battery which is priced at 4,700 Indian rupees. 

How do I dispose of a laptop battery in the UK? 

All types of batteries can be disposed of at the electronic waste collection centers. There are also collection points at supermarkets where you drop batteries or other electronic items. Never dispose of any electronic waste in the organic bin or the regular recycling bin as these may either end up in landfill or will not be handled properly. 

How do I dispose of a broken lithium-ion battery in the UK? 

Lithium-ion batteries are very sensitive to heat. Extra precaution should be taken while handling and disposing of. The swollen batteries should not be crushed or thrown in the garbage bin. The recycling centers will take care of these batteries however, you should pack these batteries in a sealable bag and let the person handling the batteries know that it’s broken or swollen. 

Which stores take old laptop batteries? 

Each state has their own services for collecting electronic wastes through which you can dispose of your old batteries. In California, these wastes are handled by the Household Hazardous Waste disposal facility which is an authorized recycling facility. The chain of stores in every state has collection centers for recycling old batteries. Some of these stores are Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Sears. 

Can you put laptop batteries in a bin? 

Batteries are sensitive to heat and if it’s swollen the pressure in it can cause it to explode. Hence, the batteries should never be discarded in the bin. Most apartments in India have a separate bin for disposing of electronic waste where the laptop batteries can be disposed of. On a regular basis these collected trash is send to the local recycling centers. 


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