can I reuse amazon prime envelope?

In this article we discuss whether amazon prime bubble envelopes can be reused. Furthermore, we also discuss the various ways one can repurpose the Amazon prime bubble envelopes.

Can I reuse amazon prime envelopes?

Yes, just like with the shipments, you can reuse an Amazon bubble envelope. Simply ensure that all markings and labels have been crossed out. You will ensure that the shipment is delivered to the correct location by doing so.

The first step is to get rid of the outdated shipping information. It can confuse the shipping system and cause your product to be returned to you if it is left intact. You’ll discover a variety of options for doing so further down.

After you’ve removed the old information, you’ll need to enter the new shipping information. This can be done in the same way as any other shipment.

Fill in the required information on your label, then take the envelope to the carrier’s location to start the shipment (such as to a FedEx shipping store).

How to get rid of the amazon prime envelope mailing label

Before you reuse the amazon prime envelope for mailing your stuff, it is important to get rid of the original label, as it can cause confusion while mailing.

Following are the various ways in order to get rid of the amazon prime mailing label from the envelope:

  • Removing the old label
  • Black it out
  • Cover it

We shall cover these methods in more detail below.

Removing the old label

The first step is to delete the previous label. When that old mailing label simply peels off the envelope, everything is simple. It won’t come off in certain cases without destroying or ruining the envelope.

If it seems like any harm is likely, you can try to apply heat. Typically, steam is the best option, and a garment steamer will do the trick nicely.

The steam loosens the glue, allowing the label to be removed without causing any damage. If the label doesn’t readily peel off, the rest of this list offers simpler choices.

Before going to those possibilities, your other technique of detaching the tag is dissolving the tag ink. Nail polish remover, toothpaste, and other solutions can remove label ink with minimal risk of damaging the envelope.

Black It Out

This is probably the most straightforward method of removing obsolete shipping label data. You can use a permanent marker or any other difficult-to-remove substance (such as white-out).

Humans and computerised scanners will be unable to read the previous label. You don’t have to fully black out the label to accomplish this. Instead, use diagonal lines to muddle the bard codes and cross off any existing shipping information.

You can add a new label after making the previous one tough to read, and there will be no problems. The envelope will be able to be shipped and delivered to the proper location by the carrier.

Cover It

You might simply cover an existing label instead of blacking it out. This is the most straightforward choice. Place the new label on top of the old one, making sure all of the previous shipping information is covered.

If you need to tape the new label to guarantee it survives the shipping procedure, use a lot of tape.

There’s always the possibility that the new label won’t entirely cover the old one. Cover as much as you can and blackout the rest if this happens. 

There’s no need to start from scratch here. You’re in excellent shape as long as the new shipping information is easy to see and the old information isn’t.

How can Amazon Prime envelopes be reused?

You can repurpose your amazon prime envelopes and other packaging material for various purposes. Some of the ways you can use the packaging materials are:

  • Use them for shipping
  • Create a Halloween costume
  • Make a pet bed
  • Add the cardboard parts to your compost
  • Use them for storage
  • Use them for moving
  • Use the boxes to create forts and other kids’ toys
  • Use the mailers to protect frames and plates
  • Use the mailers to create an iPad cover
  • Participate in the Give Back Box Program

We shall discuss these in more detail below.

Use them for shipping

Both of the boxes and the bubble mailers are most commonly reused in this manner. You should be able to use them to send goods or gifts to family, friends, and sometimes even clients if you darken out any bar codes, names, or addresses.

Create a Halloween costume

The boxes and mailers could be used to make a nice Halloween Outfit for you or your child if you are a designer who is fascinated with DIYs. Users ought to be good to go after looking at a few Pinterest suggestions.

Make a pet bed

You can build a very cool pet bed by cutting off each side of the box, attaching a cushion, and putting a towel over it.

Add the cardboard parts to your compost

Composting Amazon cardboard boxes is one of the most environmentally beneficial ways to dispose of them.

They are fully biodegradable and only take three months to decompose. Simply chop them up and toss them in the compost; the microbes will take care of the rest.

Use them for storage

Amazon mailers and boxes can be used to store items around the house. They’re versatile enough to carry books, plants, and even garage tools.

You could even cut them up and use them to make drawer organisers. You may even make a lovely fabric cover for our boxes to dress them up.

Use them for moving

If you, a friend, or a neighbour is moving soon, Amazon boxes and bubble mailers can help you pack some of your belongings, especially the fragile ones.

Use the boxes to create forts and other kids’ toys

If you have a small child, Amazon boxes can be readily repurposed as forts, colouring boxes, or even cave playsets.

Use the mailers to protect frames and plates

The envelopes can be opened up and used as cushioning between dishes or padding for picture frames once they’ve been cut along their seams.

Use the mailers to create an iPad cover

If you enjoy creating, you can make a cool iPad cover out of your mailings. You can do this in no time with a little stitching and a few online tutorials.

Thread, needles, scissors, a ribbon, two buttons, an adhesive, and a piece of fabric are all you’ll need.

Participate in the Give Back Box Program

Give Back Box is a platform that allows you to give to organisations while also getting rid of unwanted Amazon cardboard boxes.

Simply fill a box with your unwanted clothing and/or household items, create a free mailing label, and drop the box off at your local UPS or FedEx location.

You may also order a pickup online if you are unable to drop it off in person. The package will be dispatched at no cost to you as a result of Amazon’s agreement with Give Back Box.

Your gift will not only benefit a charity, but your box will be recycled as well. This is a win-win situation no matter how you look at it.


Online buying has never been easier in this age of social media and rapid satisfaction. Everything you desire is only a click away, and the majority of people are happy with it. 

It’s no surprise that Amazon’s stock continues to rise in value. They know exactly what we want and keep providing it to us.

However, this raises one issue: what will we do with all of the Amazon packaging we now have? Is it possible to repurpose Amazon bubble mailers and boxes?

The good news is that you can use these boxes and envelopes to mail out parcels and items to your friends, family, and clients as well.

However, you should remove the amazon prime mailing label from it before doing so, in order to prevent any confusion at the post office.

Apart from this, you can also use your amazon prime packaging material for other fun DIY activities, or use them as an additive for your compost pile, if you have one.


Can you recycle Amazon bubble mailers and boxes?

Yes, you may recycle both Amazon boxes and bubble mailers. This is a realistic solution for you if your Amazon boxes are broken or simply too many to reuse. 

And, because most curbside recycling programmes accept these cartons, recycling them is simple.

Just make sure you properly prepare them according to the regulations in your area. Before setting them out, certain districts may want you to flatten them and bind them with twines.

Furthermore, you may be asked to cut huge boxes into specified rectangles or squares (usually at most 2 feet by 2 feet). 

You should also remove any staples or tape and make sure the cardboard is clean and dry. When it comes to recycling bubble mailers, though, things aren’t as easy as with cardboard boxes.

You may be able to recycle these mailers at your local recycling centre or through your curbside bin programme, depending on where you reside.

However, a lot differs from one place to the next. If the worst happens, you should hunt for a nearby facility that participates in the How2Recycle programme that recycles plastic film.

Which other Amazon packages are recyclable?

Amazon’s paper padded envelope mailers, plastic bags, paper envelopes, packing papers, air pillows, and paper envelopes are all recyclable, with the exception of the cardboard boxes and bubble mailers.

While most of these are accepted by curbside recycling programmes, some will necessitate a trip to a nearby facility.

Gel packs and new dry ice plastic films, on the other hand, cannot be recycled. You’ll either have to find a method to repurpose them or toss them away.

Can I reuse an Amazon box for USPS?

Recycling and reusing packaging is beneficial to the environment, but it must be done properly in order to be sent through the mail. Reusing postal boxes might cause them to deteriorate during the delivery process.

How do I ship a bubble mailer

If your bubble mailer qualifies as an envelope and weighs 1 ounce or less, you can stamp it with a $0.55 forever stamp and drop it off at your local post office as normal. 

You can pick from USPS First Class, USPS Retail Ground, Priority Mail, and Media Mail if your bubble mailer is designated a package.

Can I use duct tape to ship USPS

Items that are packed with duct tape are not accepted by USPS. 

In a statement issued by the USPS, “Always use shipping tape like pressure-sensitive tape, nylon-reinforced craft paper tape, or fibreglass-reinforced pressure-sensitive tape.

“Wrapping paper, thread, masking tape, and cellophane tape should not be used”.


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