Can AutoZone coolant be recycled? (3 recycling options) 

The article will explain how and where AutoZone coolants can be recycled. Relevant aspects will also be shed light upon including 

  • How to recycle?
  • Where to recycle?
  • Can the coolant be discarded in the backyard?
  • Can the coolant be dumped in the drain?
  • What are the sustainable disposal practices?

Can AutoZone coolant be recycled?

Yes, it is possible to recycle AutoZone coolant. The best place to do this is in AutoZone service centres because most of these centres will accept used or new AutoZone coolants. 

When it comes to the recycling of AutoZone coolants, it is also important to know about the status of the coolants. 

If the AutoZone coolants are new, then most service centres and recycling centres will easily accept AutoZone coolants. However, as the coolant is used more and more, it becomes hazardous waste and therefore, should be given to hazardous waste collection facilities. 

Where to recycle AutoZone coolants? (3 recycling options) 

When it comes to the recycling of AutoZone coolants, there are certain options that one can depend on. These include

  • AutoZone service centres
  • Local automotive service centres
  • Curbside recycling (you need to check beforehand if your curbside recycling accepts this type of waste) 

The best option, however, is to have the coolant recycled from AutoZone service centres and for that the online store locator can be of assistance.

How to know if your AutoZone coolant can be recycled?

It is an important question because not all coolants can be recycled. If the AutoZone coolant is new, chances are that most recycling centres, service stations and auto repair shops will accept it without hesitation. 

You can also consider giving it to any of your family members because the coolant is as good as new and everyone needs it, especially in extreme weather conditions. 

If you can not find an AutoZone centre near you, just know about the nearby recycling centres, and workshops and contact them about it. They will happily accept the unused coolant and you do not have to do much about it. 

What about tainted coolants?

In the case of the tainted coolant, the story will take a sharp u-turn. When coolant is tainted, it means that its chemistry has changed dramatically and that it must be categorised as hazardous waste. 

You can still give it to an AutoZone centre, but if you can not find one, you will have to check on and inquire from your nearby recycling centres and mobile workshops. 

When it comes to tainted coolant, the chances get slimmer and not everyone at the workshop or service station will be accepting the coolant because it will be of no use to them. 

In that case, you can search for a nearby hazardous waste collection facility and have the tainted coolant AutoZone delivered there. However, it can not be asserted enough that you can never dispose of tainted coolant like your normal trash. 

What is the best way to discard the AutoZone coolant?

It has been established that AutoZone coolant can be recycled but not in all cases. If the coolant has been used a lot then it will be categorised as hazardous waste because of the build-up of heavy metals in it. 

In this case, the best way to discard the AutoZone coolant is to give it to a hazardous waste collection facility. There are also hazardous waste collection programs that you can rely on. 

Other options include giving it to AutoZone stores or local workshops for proper disposal. You may also look up ABOP Antifreeze, Batteries, Oil, and Paint) waste collection in your area. However, you need to make sure to not mix the used coolant with other waste or make the mistake of dumping the coolant in the drain. 

Can AutoZone coolant go down the drain?

It is a big NO when it comes to draining the coolant down the drain. The reason is simple: chemicals. The various chemicals present in the coolant can cause great harm not only to humans but also to animals, and aquatic and marine species. 

The chemicals present in coolant include:

  • Methanol 
  • Ethylene glycol 
  • Propylene glycol 

These materials are considered toxic to both human and animal life and therefore, their incorrect and exploitative disposal can put life (at large) at a huge risk of toxicity and this toxicity can also travel through different stages of food chains and food levels. 

As it is known, the waste from the drains eventually ends up in the water bodies. The compounds discussed above will alter the biology and chemistry of the water bodies and this may result in significant degradative changes to the local flora and fauna such as organ damage, affected reproduction and death. 

Can you discard AutoZone coolant in your backyard?

It is not advised to discard the AutoZone coolant in the backyard because of the fact that used or new coolant will not benefit the soil. However, if the coolant is used or tainted, then it will be hazardous and will damage plants and associated life in a drastic way. 

The coolant, owing to the toxic chemicals that are used to make it, can potentially destroy your crops, and plants, and also cause damage to the soil. The materials that makeup coolant are considered highly toxic and may stem changes such as death, wilting, changed pH of the soil, leaf discolouration, and reduced growth– to name a few. 


The article explained ways and options linked with the recycling and discarding of used and new AutoZone coolants. Associated questions such as discarding the backyard or dumping down the drain were also discussed and scrutinised. 


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