What are the best biodegradable shampoos? (5 options)

This article will explore some of the best biodegradable shampoos. Other covered topics would include: What are the best biodegradable shampoos? The best biodegradable shampoos should be made from natural and biodegradable materials and should avoid chemicals such as sulphates, parabens et cetera. Here is a list of some of the best shampoos available: The … Read more

Is apple leather biodegradable? 

This article will assess the biodegradability aspect of apple leather. Other covered aspects would include:  Is apple leather biodegradable? Apple leather is not biodegradable because apple leather also contains polyurethane and polyester, other than apple waste.  PU and polyester are synthetic polymers that are not biodegradable. The use of PU and PVC is there to … Read more

Are apple cores biodegradable? (7 reuses of apple cores) 

This article will shed some light on the biodegradability of apple cores. Other targeted topics would include:  Are apple cores biodegradable? Apple cores are absolutely natural and biodegradable. You can also compost them and reuse them in a number of ways.  Apple cores can be reused to make jams, jellies, apple water, apple vinegar, or … Read more

Is AirCarbon biodegradable? (3 ways in which AirCarbon is better than plastic) 

This article will explore the biodegradability and eco-friendly aspects of AirCarbon. Other topics covered would include:  Is AirCarbon biodegradable? AirCarbon is indeed biodegradable. It is made from natural materials present in living organisms that make it a biodegradable material. The eco-friendliness of AirCarbon is not only restricted to biodegradability, it is also expanded in other … Read more

Is crepe paper biodegradable? (5 benefits of composting crepe paper)

This article will shed light on the biodegradability aspect of crepe paper. Other covered aspects would include: Is crepe paper biodegradable? Crepe paper is biodegradable because it is made from natural materials that include wood pulp, gum, gelatin, starch, and glue. The primary use of crepe paper is in props and craft materials. However, it … Read more

Is plant starch cutlery biodegradable? (3R of plant starch cutlery) 

This article will explain whether plant starch cutlery is biodegradable or not. Other covered aspects will include:  Is plant starch cutlery biodegradable? Plant starch cutlery is 60% biodegradable but it can not be categorised as biodegradable waste. The primary reason behind this is that such waste (as it also contains plastics) can contaminate other biodegradable … Read more

Is Dial soap biodegradable? (7 qualities of eco-friendly soaps)

This article covers some important questions regarding soaps in general and dial soaps in particular and will address the following topics: Is Dial soap biodegradable? Dial soap is non-biodegradable due to the fact that it contains non-natural, and synthetic chemicals that will render Dial soap not easily biodegradable.  Dial soaps contain two types of ingredients: … Read more

Is Dove shampoo biodegradable? 

This article will elucidate the biodegradability of Dove shampoo. Other explained topics will be:  Is Dove shampoo biodegradable? Dove shampoo is not biodegradable because it uses controversial and degradative chemicals such as benzoates and sulphates. These chemicals have degradative effects on the environment and health too.  The packaging of Dove shampoo is not biodegradable but … Read more

Are cloth bags biodegradable? (7 benefits of recycling cloth bags) 

This article will explain the biodegradability aspect of clot bags. Other covered topics would include: Are cloth bags biodegradable? Cloth bags are biodegradable because cloth bags are made from natural, plant-based materials. Mostly, cloth bags are made from cotton.  The degradation time of cloth bags may vary. Usually, they may require 1-5 months to degrade.  … Read more