Is glass recyclable?

Glass is a transparent solid which is made primarily from molten sand. It’s a non-crystalline substance which we use for a multitude of purposes. It’s used to make containers, windows, decorations, and many other household items.  In this article, I will go over whether glass is recyclable. Then I will explain in detail what glass … Read more

Is 1 pet recyclable?

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a thermoplastic polymer whose resin identification number is 1. PET is part of the polyester family and is also referred to as polyester. This polymer is extremely versatile, lightweight, durable, and bio-safe, resulting in its mass use across multiple industries, from garments, to food packaging, to automotive industry. PET bottles and … Read more

Is plastic biodegradable? (challenges and misconceptions)

This blog spot will answer the question, “Is plastic biodegradable”? And include topics like what type of plastics are harmful to earth, the chemical nature of plastic that decides its biodegradability, alternative solutions to the use of plastic, and what steps are taken to control plastic pollution.  Is plastic biodegradable?  No, plastic is not biodegradable, … Read more

Is Confetti Biodegradable? (eco-friendly poppers)

In this brief write up we will be discussing the topic “is confetti biodegradable?”. The topic also covers the different materials used for making, the different options for a biodegradable confetti, and ways to reuse them for a healthy environment.  Is confetti biodegradable?  Confetti made from plastic materials or metals are not biodegradable. They are … Read more

Is glitter biodegradable? (Understanding the microplastic problem)

In the brief review we will discuss the biodegradability aspects of glitters. We will answer the question ‘is glitter biodegradable?” with more insights into its material property and what factors decide its biodegradability nature. We will further discuss its recyclability issues and know if it is a type of plastic waste.  Is glitter biodegradable?  No, … Read more